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Sunday, July 10, 2005



Thanks for posting this Liz, and give my thanks to your sister and her husband.

A couple of the programs at the non-profit I work for are support for finding, coaching and keeping gainful employment in exactly the same manner. The rest are various living and community involvement supports.

Most of the active folks I work with, simply need a chance to prove what valuable workers they might be and most potential employers don't realize or are afraid. There are a few large commercial organizations (Home Depot comes to mind, but there are others) who have learned the kinds of valuable employees they can have if they extend their hiring practices, but most are wary. If other businesses hear the word, perhaps more will take the chance. I am pleased to hear about this kind of success story.


Great story!
I work with students with disabilities as a special education teacher. I printed this to share at school.

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