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Wednesday, August 31, 2005



This is why, when our school sends kids back to the mainstream, we carefully select schools that have the resources and mechanisms in place to support that child.

The goals on a child's IEP are there to help teachers figure out how to achieve the general education curriculum with that student. They are stepping stones for that child to achieve along the way to mastery. Therefore, it's inexcusable for a child to be receiving push-in services in a math class when she is on grade level, rather than in reading class where she has specific IEP goals to be working on.

What was described sounds like a school desperately trying to plug up holes, since they clearly don't have enough funding, building space, or staff. If that were in place, then it would be far easier to implement the special ed programming. Sometimes people blame special ed for taking up too much space and too many resources, and being too demanding -- basically for holding the government responsible for actually meeting kids' needs, whatever that takes. Apparently we don't expect public school to meet kids' needs otherwise.

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