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Monday, September 26, 2005



I am gratified to finally find someone to articulate what I have been feeling for a long time. As a Spec, Ed. teacher, I have taken it upon myself to seek out and be trained in systematic, multi-sensory, phonetically based reading programs. I have been trained in Phono-Graphix, Project Read, and Wilson. I am totally frustrated by the inability of many teachers who are teaching reading to primary grade children, but have little or no knowledge about sounds and the correct way to say sounds. While this may be OK for the majority of students, the ones who are struggling will struggle even more. Colleges that prepare primary teachers, must do a better job.

jason alster

Hello-from Israel- a movie on natural techniques helping adhd and test anxiety

Dear Parent , educator, student, therapist- thank you for your attention- I would like to mention that a new video/kit from Israel on natural solutions to help ADHD
"Being in Control: Natural Solutions for ADHD, Dyslexia, and Test
Anxiety" ( Video/book/biofeedback kit) by Jason Alster MSc ISBN 9659025130.
"BEING IN CONTROL- Natural Techniques For Increasing Your Potential And Creativity For Success In School" ( book as single item)
(ISBN-9659025114)" ( different ISBN)

About Jason Alster

Do you, your child, or client want to be a better student? Is it hard for you to sit quietly in class and concentrate? Do you have a problem preparing homework? Do you want to pass exams with less pressure? Then this movie/book /kit may be for just for you. Taking the concepts, techniques, and exercises from the original book "BEING IN CONTROL- Natural Techniques For Increasing Your Potential And Creativity For Success In School"
(ISBN-9659025114)" ( different ISBN) and making them come alive with a 40 minute video rendition. The book/ video/ kit portrays in a "roadmap" format topics for improving relaxed concentration for the classroom and when preparing homework -like increasing self confidence; relaxed concentration; seated yoga; creativity; time management; organisation of material; sensory integration; using our senses to relax; biofeedback; games; better cursive handwriting; speed reading; test taking strategies and more. In addition to the CD ROM and book- the kit also includes 2 finger size temperature strips biofeedback monitors used by many biofeedback practitioners for measuring relaxation- stress levels. Produced and edited with Windows Movie Maker 2 and can be played on Windows Media Player.

Also by Jason Alster- Creative Painting For The Young Artist
a book for helping children learn to develop an artistic eye.
( I am also seeking reviewers as well as distributors in association with


I am glad that you are promoting awareness about dyslexia and learning differences.
Our school systems often don't individualize the educational planning and may miss many kids with dyslexia and other LDs.

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