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Saturday, September 10, 2005



Jesse's birthday is Sept. 12...he has committed to fund the cost of this first wave 15 person ask force ( food, transportation) by himself.

So, if you'd like to give him a great birthday present, send him a check! The plan is that he and the team of volunteers he's assembling will leave Sept. 19 for Mississippi and they will enlist local survivors in building these shelters--they are eager for something constructive to do.



These wonderful shelter folks and your nephew are headed down to Mississippi to help one of our contacts.


Liz, thank you. You'll be getting a cc on the emails that are circulating on the action.



Here's Jesse's most recent email:

Hello, and thank you all for your efforts!

There appears to be some confusion about what I am doing and my relationship with World Shelters. Let me clarify:

I have put together a team to help World Shelters deploy their structures as part of a larger project coordinated by Oxfam America.

I am not a representative of the World Shelters organization or Oxfam America.

I will forward this request on to Bruce LeBel who is the World Shelters Executive Director.

Again, thanks for all your great work! Feel free to contact me with any questions at

206-755-3739 or this email address:

Jesse Robbins


Bruce contacted us! Yay! Things are happening fast!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Grace, blog keeper for
Hurricane Katrina Direct Relief
and pal to 'I Speak of Dreams'


Jesse's mom, my sister Suz, sent an email today:

When we talked today Jess said he had met the goal he set a week ago and ships out Thursday with a team he assembled and will lead to build 500 temporary shelters in the Gulf area of Mississippi.

He's taken a leave from his job as a security specialist at [honkin' big internet retailer] in Seattle without pay to volunteer and will be there until early October.

If you'd like to send some good wishes his way, I bet he'd get a kick out of it.

Sign me a mighty proud mom!

And me a real proud aunt. Go Jesse!

Jesse Robbins

Back now... much to tell. But I highly encourage you to take a look at

MS Pearl

My Name is MS Pearl.I have housed the displaced and homless since sept 05. Kamp Katrina was an award winning film they made about us. We are still housing people.
Some in tents in the back yard.Our tents are in poos shape. Any information you have on building inexpenive shelters would help.
Search using link Tv kamp katrina.
There are two short clips about us
MS Pearl
504 948 0166

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