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Tuesday, October 25, 2005



I'm a student at Pope John XXIII Highschool and although I did not have a Myspace I disagree with Father's terms. Last year I did have a Myspace but instead of my principal finding it, my parents found it. They made me delete it because of the friends I had on it. But I disagree with them too on the fact that you can make your Myspace private. I think that Father McHough is wrong to punish students at school for something that is at home. Father McHough should have had an assembly with the parents and showed them how to find their child instead of threatening the students. A lot of parents are saying that if the students don’t like it then they can leave the school. But, the school year is already paid for, the uniforms for the year are already bought, and this rule has been implied after all this.

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