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Sunday, November 27, 2005


Paul Sanchez

Thanks for the post. It not to late to help out. I'm going to be launching my documentary of the ride very soon. So thanks for giving me a link. The whole ride will be on You will also get to see the interviews with the children I interviewed on the ride. Have a great day!

Paul Sanchez

Tom Loughlin Jr

Met a bicyclist in Pulaski NY at McDonalds when I was salmon-steelhead fishing with my father. Thought a brief chat with this fellow on a well-equipped bicycle would be worthwhile, so I chatted and he chatted back.
...I found he was circumnavigating the USA to raise LD awareness..Wow. What a coincidence..I am LD, too..ADD/ADHD and dyslexia -thank goodness with MENSA IQ plus..(and member) life as not been too hard..
Hit it off well for a short chat, and he told me to look up the tour on the ..only a year plus I am.
Papa who fished with me then is gone..and I have some time on my hands to do the exploring I had no time to do then. I also have photos of this this your Paul Sanchez man? How can I arrange to say hello again...or send photos.?
Tom Loughlin Jr.

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