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Saturday, November 26, 2005



Wow, that's some extensive review of my humble article. Thank you for such an excellent and constructive points and counterpoints.

In my follow up post, I did mention that I unintentionally left out the fact that are many types of bloggers and my post was aimed more or less to those who do it as a commercial venue.

As for the side note for me, yes, I know my English is not quite there yet. I learnt English as a second languague, and having my initial English education in the NYC public school system did not help a whole lot. However, I try everyday to write the best I could. :-)

I will definitely be looking more closely at the Blogging Principles by Lisa Williams

I found your site via:


Nice review. I have a rather loose set of blogging principles for my blog but nothing in writing. That could be an interesting exercise.

As for the blogging sin of being boring, I've never found this site to be guilty of that!

Stu Savory, Germany

I, too, disagree with Pinyo's number three (focus on one subject). Feel free to write on a broad spectrum of subjects (after all, the polymath is the ideal educated renaissance person), as long as you are not boring and as long as you disseminate some of your knowledge in each of your posts.

Otherwise, Pinyo is going in the right direction :-)

Stu Savory


Liz, I read Blogging Principles by Lisa Williams twice yesterday. It really got me thinking about priciple or lack thereof on the Web. I am thinking about putting together something for myself. Thank you.

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