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Friday, November 25, 2005



My blog is quoted above, accurately, but I feel it is disingenuous to post out-of-context punch-line critique of KIPP with a much longer discussion of my frustrations with a certain segment of our community school's population. Not only is the depth of my KIPP-critique absent, but I think the pairing is meant to convey an inaccurate rendition of my experience, especially as it fails to include the conclusion of the exerpted post -- a discussion of how my kids came through in the end, and how much better I felt after a Saturday Academy session voluntarily attended by my 12 lowest-performing students.

I believe the people who are so impressed with KIPP kids screaming morning chants, walking in straight lines, raising hands, are impressed because at the heart of the matter it is THEY who possess the low expectations. It is THEY who believe these kids are capable of so very little, so when they see straight-lining marching -- and good God, when do adults every walk in straight lines? Why such an emphasis on a useless skill? -- they are impressed beyond all rationale measure.

A minor aside: Why is support of IB out of place with a loating of KIPP?

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