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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Marilyn Redmond

I have a problem with your putting down something you know nothing about. I taught school for 44 years and know the anguish of those children. I taught the Slingerland method, which is only a behavior model approach and is helpful to a point. I now know how to help people with their problems from a subconscious approach, which heals at the origin of the condition. Your limited insight from society is only critical and does nothing to enhance real solutions now revealed for people's lives. There are alternative methods that are pioneering and a god-sent to those suffering. It only takes an open-mind and desire to heal the root cause of the condition.

Please share truth and not opinion.

"There is a principle which is a bar against all information, which is proof against all arguments and which cannot fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance--that principle is contempt prior to investifation." Herbert Spencer

"There are in truth no incurable conditions.." Edgar Cayce

Ms. Redmond is a Professional Speaker and consultant focuses on Therapeutic Hypnotherapy/ Holistic Counseling. In Manchester’s ‘Who’s Who’ for her pioneering work in healing the causes of trauma and illness. Inspirational and knowledgeable presentations from personal understanding and study. Addresses all addictions, illness,domestic violence, rape, relationships, health, and healing. Shares over 44 years of teaching school, college, and research for solutions. Award-winning international writer, minister and member of the National Speakers Association, American Counseling Association,and American Board of Hypnotherapy.


Interesting that you should say "truth". As justification for offering hypnosis for dyslexia, your press release reads in part:

"There is a new use for therapeutic hypnosis and holistic counseling. Harold B. Crasilneck, Ph.D., and James A. Hall, M.D. of Dallas Texas states that relatively little use of hypnosis is used in treating dyslexia. However, they report that “three-fourths of the dyslexic children treated through hypnosis demonstrated moderate to marked improvement.” "

I went looking for scientific evidence of this claim.

1. Crasilneck and Hall as joint authors have published six articles, according to PubMed. None deal with dyslexia, reading, or learning disabilities.

2. The statement above implies that Crasilneck and Hall have recently announced the effectiveness of hypnosis for dyslexia. The most recent of their articles was published twenty-eight years ago. Hardly cutting-edge research.

3. Again according to a PubMed search, there are absolutely no controlled studies indicating that hypnosis is an effective approach to remediating dyslexia.

4. Your press release also states "Frustrated parents and schools have not found ways to improve or resolve this malady [dyslexia] for successful school careers." That is also not true, on two counts.

a. Dyslexia is not a "malady" in the sense of disease, ailment, or unwholesome condition. Yes it is a handicap, but one that can be remediated.
b. "not found ways to improve" --WRONG! Early intervention, and focussed, effective teaching that addresses the child's underlying issues will lead to success.

If you taught Slingerland for so many years, perhaps your technique decayed over time.

Your press release did not say that you would evaluate whatever remedial education the child had already undergone. Certainly there are ineffective programs,such as Reading Recovery, that can lead to further frustration for the child.



I have a friend whose son is very seriously dyslexic and on the autism spectrum, and so is his sister, though the sister, I think reads more easily than he does now, learning was quite difficult for her... at any rate, their mom thinks "lindamood-bell" is fantastic. She used to get a journal from the Orton society, and was very well read on dyslexia.

I don't have any opinion about any of the methods you recommended and I'm sure the stuff you labelled as bunk is bunk, but was curious why you didn't mention Lindamood-Bell.


Camille said,

"I don't have any opinion about any of the methods you recommended and I'm sure the stuff you labelled as bunk is bunk, but was curious why you didn't mention Lindamood-Bell."

The next-to-last link in my recommended list was for Lindamood-Bell. That program is (a) pretty widely available (b) the difference that made the difference for my dyslexic daughter.


Ah, now I see Lindamood on your list, I was skimming too quicky (hmmm, dyslexia?) before. Thanks.

Reverend Marilyn Redmond

I appreciated your thourough research. Try reading "Vibrational Medicine" by Dr. Richard Gerber. Author of Theraperutic Touch Dr. Dolores Krieger says that Dr. Richard Gerber has brought together an extensive compilaition of information on human energy systems that serves to make clear the significant bioenergetic principles emerging in our time for the development of a new "Einsteinian Medicine".

I have healed six addictions, Bipolar Disorder, Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Fybrmyalgia, hypogycemia, and more through raising my energy, through various support as prayer, mediation/hypnosis, affirmations and other vibrational means. Our bodies are energy fields and when the energy is raised into a higher power, healing results. I am a walking example of this works!

Don't rain on the parade of people looking for healing and are able to look inside themselves and change necessary messages to truth which manifest as wholeness and health. I have never been healthier in my life from this process which will work in most areas of life. Most people work on the conscious level, but our subconscious level is the root of our difficulties.


Here's the index-card version:
The seven warning signs that a "scientific" claim requires more examination (all seven, probably bogus; 4-6, bring caution to bear; 1-3, might be plausible:

1. The discoverer pitches the claim directly to the media.

2. The discoverer says that a powerful establishment is trying to suppress his or her work.

3. The scientific effect involved is always at the very limit of detection.

4. Evidence for a discovery is anecdotal. ("data" is not the plural of "anecdote.")

5. The discoverer says a belief is credible because it has endured for centuries.

6. The discoverer has worked in isolation.

7. The discoverer must propose new laws of nature to explain an observation.


Your comment 'twaddle like hypnosis' is far too general to have any credibility. Additionally, your review of the evidence lacks detail, and you consequently appear to be making a polemical argument based on value judgements rather then true scientific evidence (or lack thereof).

There are other areas where hypnotherapy has proven to be effective compared to other interventions and controls/placebos, such as IBS (e.g. Whorwell et al., 1984; 1987), pain control (e.g. Domangue, 1985).

Additionally, you mention the anxiety associated with dyslexia. Add in the low self esteem and depression that can be correlated with the condition, and you have three areas that lend themselves quite nicely to different forms of psychotherapy, such as counselling, CBT hypnotherapy etc. How you managed to miss this amazes me!

I am sorry, but your blanket arguments against hypnosis are extremely sloppy. And the fact that the only source you use is PubMed is rather concerning. Before you go public, you should at least consider a broader range of evidence and thus know what you are talking about. Because at the moment, your comments suggest a dire lack of understanding.

Therefore, to help you, I provide a variety of linkson hypnosis and hypnotherapy research:


I just thought I would add that the person making the claim that hypnosis and meditation and hypnosis are the same thing is sadly lacking in understanding. Allow me to explain the differences:


Brain imaging techniques show an overall increase in activity during hypnosis, particularly in the motor and sensory areas. This suggests heightened mental imagery. Additionally, there is an increase in blood flow observed in the right anterior cingulate, which suggests that attention is focussed in internal events.


Brain scans show a reduction of activity in the parietal, anterior and premotor cortexes( areas associated with stimuli seeking).

Therefore, very different states of mind.

Source: Carter, R. (2002) 'Mapping the Mind', London, Phoenix, pp. 318-9.


Remember, this guy is Russian and his name would be in Cyrillic alphabet. Garjajev is the German transliteration (the Germans tend to use J for our Y sound). In PubMed, that is in English, we usually would expect to see this name spelled "Gariaev." A PubMed search for Gariaev PP shows twelve articles.

peter walsh

I believe that Crasilneck and Hall were Geniuses. I have got great results from using their methods.....which are thoroughly tried and tested !

I believe that dyslexia is aggravated by stress , induced by poor reading ability , and expection ,making mistakes and being held to ridicule.....

This can obviously be helped , by can Stopping Smoking....Losing weight.....and Alcoholism....which are all "Stress related"....

peter walsh

I believe that Crasilneck and Hall were Geniuses. I have got great results from using their methods.....which are thoroughly tried and tested !

I believe that dyslexia is aggravated by stress , induced by poor reading ability , and expection ,making mistakes and being held to ridicule.....

This can obviously be helped , by can Stopping Smoking....Losing weight.....and Alcoholism....which are all "Stress related"....


I teach Lindamood Bell in a public school. It hasn't done great things for everyone, but it has helped my most desperate students. One thing it has not helped is their attitude about their abilities. My students come in very closed down about academics- especially reading. There is so much time and effort expended as they resist instruction because of their fear of failure. Even as they make progress they don't see themselves as learners. This is how I ended up reading this page - I want to find out more about hypnosis and disabilities. Clearly hypnosis can change a person's attitude, so why not give it a try? It's not harmful in any way. I have parents pumping their kids full of all kinds of drugs in an effort to change them.
My son has Asperger's Syndrome and I tried all kinds of pwacky treatments for him. Who really knows what worked? All I know is that he's doing quite well - he's in a very competitive college far from home and seems to be doing okay. He still a little weird, but he's able to function.
My students do better when they are happy, relaxed and think they can do it. If hypnosis can help them get to that state, then I think it's worth a shot.


My son who is 20 yrs old unable to concentrate on his studies, always moodly unable to do any other activities, needs always attention by parents. he does not have any aim or motto for his life. he is talking self in front of the mirror, laughs sometimes cries. He has potential. doesnot have self confidence to complete any task, he very often forgets things not at all attentive, he is poor listener too. how to come out of the problems. I dont know what is in his mind. always very much depressed in his behaviour.he is obedient and very soft in his behaviour. please help me out with some solutions.


wakey wakey

I read your superficial put down of the Russian Academy of Sciences studies of DNA.
Your "materialist faith" reflexes and defences are unscientific, you have quite a lot of reading to catch up on. (Don't be frightened, we won't let some creationist old guy in the sky hurt you.)

Self hypnosis downloads

I think hypnosis is a very effective method to change your habits, it has helped me to quit smoking

john houshmand

I have followed the trail of the DNA research out of Russia, and have found that the author of numerous research projects on the front of DNA, genetic regulation, Holographic Associative Memory of Biological Systems, Alternative Healing, and more is sourcable via Googlesearch under Gariaev PP. Numerous articles.... go read them all. Learn Russion and learn more. He exists as does his research. Investigation of the Fluctuation Dynamics of DNA Solutions by Laser ... etc. The work is there. Do yours, I'll do mine.


PubMed is a database. There are many databases. Does anyone of them claim to be complete?
Evidence based practices are methods that have been researched and replicated. This does not allow the conclusion that everything else is bad. It just allows the conclusion that it should be researched. To state something is not working needs proof.
Milton Erickson was dyslectic and he was one of the greatest hypnotists in his time. I wonder if there could be a connection between his physical condition, his way of treatment (clinical hypnosis) and his achievements in the world.
About hypnosis: Ernest Rossi is seriously studying the mind-body connection in the USA and changes in the body through hypnosis. He published a study in 2008 that it is possible to change DNA with hypnosis. Clinical hypnosis is used in many area's to to heal people. It is used by medical doctors, by psychiatrists, psychologists to name a few.
Gariev states in his work: to be able to change the human condition one has to communicate at a certain wavelength which is exactly what hypnosis does as the way of communication is different to the way people are talking in everyday life. This means that Rossi is now proving in the US what Gariev has said for a long time in Russia. To say this is pure quackery is coming to a wrong conclusion.
You are right, it is important to be critical and there is quackery out there, but it does not necessarily mean that PubMed tells you the full truth. There are a lot of studies which are not correctly executed (wrong samples, wrong sample sizes, research bias, financial interest etc.) and PubMed is not the only database.
Furthermore you mention a multisensory therapy as effective. I do not know this approach, but I do know that a sensorical approach is only effective by using the senses which means the body. Working with movement is also working with the senses, balance therapy does this also. Actually balance therapy was presented to us at the university as a form of therapy which seemed very promising for dyslexia, but not yet researched (and it takes a couple of years until research findings are psublished which means then they have to be replicated - another couple of years).

And to say that hypnosis is the same as meditation is simply wrong.


From Cayce's perspective, we are not simply physical bodies, instead we are spiritual beings who are having a physical experience entailing personal growth and development. Many individuals have incorrectly assumed that the goal of being in the earth is to simply reach heaven, find enlightenment, or somehow "get out of the earth."

Online Hypnotism

Hey thanks for your info, I have been in online hypnotism for 5 years now and have dealt with many hypnosis tricks.

fred james

hey, man. I have bipolar disorder and I went to a hypnotist and like, wow, I felt great. I was totally powerful and all knowing, and all seeing. I went without sleep for two years. I left my wife and kids and started a hypnosis center in Big Sur. My patients came with big VISA balances and left with nothing. I feel great! I'm totally cured! I can touch the sun!

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