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Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Ashley Bowers

I am very sad to hear this we are losing so many youths to this problem. The teen ager who invented winzip also died of alcohol poisoning!

Ed: Ms. Bowers is partially correct. She is referring to Phillip W. Katz, who invented several file-compression programs, most noticeably PKZIP. According to Wikipedia,

Katz battled alcoholism for years. His friends tried to help him with his addiction, but they were rebuffed, and he gradually shut them out completely. He was arrested several times for driving under the influence, and later in his life, spent more time in cheap motels and strip clubs than his own home.

Katz was found dead in a hotel room with an empty bottle of peppermint schnapps in his hand on April 14, 2000 at the age of 37. A coroner's report stated his death was a result of pancreatic bleeding caused by acute alcoholism.


I am the 22 year old sister of David G. Beningo. I, too, would like very much to contribute to the education of our youth on the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. I realize that many times it is those persons my own age or younger that fall victim to alcohol poisoning. If anyone has any advise or helpful contacts on the subject please emial me @ [email protected]

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