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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Larson Feria

Your article makes you sound like a biased, overly sensative coward making pock shots at a legal organization who is not bound by human stupidity. In other words, how dense are you to ask "what is sexual immorality?" The question is answered easily by ANYONE who has studied the Christian Bible. Seriously....are you THAT STUPID?

Liz Ditz

Nice name calling, Larson Feria. Sorry you are unable to address the issues I brought up. As a refresher, here they are:

There are a number of troublesome issues here:

* Does a private school have a right to expel students for behavior away from the school's environs?
* How clearly does the school have to spell out the actionable conduct? (In other words, in the setting of the story, what constitutes "sexual immorality"?)
* What are the school's obligations to the student in respect to privacy?
* What are the student's avenues for redress if privacy issues are violated?

Desmond Tutu Fan

I have some interesting comments about this legal case and what the Bible says about same-sex kissing. The Bible is very clear that same-sex kissing in and of itself is not automatically immoral. In fact, there are many instances of same-sex kissing that are not condemned in the Bible. It is very clear to me that many people such as Larson Feria have not read more parts of the Bible.

There are several verses in the New Testament of the Bible which require Christians to give each other a holy kiss. The early Christians greeted each other with a kiss and they kissed people of the same sex. The kiss was always done on the mouth. You can read about it in Romans 16:16, I Corinthinians 16:20, II Corinthinians 13:12, I Peter 5:14, I Thessalonians 5:26, Acts 20:37, and Luke 7:45. While you are at it, please read Proverbs 24:26, Genesis 2:8, and John 20:22.

Please read the following bible verses in the Old Testament to learn more about same -sex kisses that were not condemned by the Hebrew god: Genesis 27:26-27, Genesis 29:13, Genesis 31:28, Genesis 31:55, Genesis 33:4, Genesis 45:15, Ruth 1:9, Ruth 1:14, Song Of Solomon 8:1, I Kings 19:20, I Samuel 10:1, I Samuel 20:41, II Samuel 15:5, and II Samuel 19:39. You can also read about this in Tobit 7:6, Tobit 10:12, 1 Esdras 4:47, and Ecclesiasticus 29:5.

a hole

edited for language I do not allow on this blog

This is a load of rubbish, can't believe i wasted my time reading this bull ****! I would rather have spent the time kissing someone of the same sex!!!!!!!!!!!


i think this is crazy! this went to far! You do not go in peoples homes and arrest them if you see them kissing so why are you going to expel teens for kissing? Everyone does it, it is love. It is a part of showing what you feel. I did not even read this whole article, i was disgusted by it. All i want to say more is that this is stupid, how do you show your affectionate feelings? It was a kiss.. not sex in the street...

Nilorie Gabrell

The school had a moral right to ban the girls from kissing.


I happen to go to Covenant Christian Academy. As much as I think that it was wrong to expel Mrs. Bradley, I think that I can see where Mrs. McKinnon and the administrators and staff at Covenant Christian Academy were coming from when they expelled Mrs. Bradley. I think that what Mrs. Bradley did was immoral and ungodlike and because CCA is a Christian school, the staff and administrators wanted the rumors and/or school publicity to quit, and decided that the best way to make this happen was to expel Mrs. Bradley. I also think that what the staff and administrators were wrong to expel Mrs. Bradley, but the probable reason that the whole situation got out was because one of the girls told someone, who told someone else and the rumor spread all the way to administration. I think that the girls should have both just kept their mouths shut and the people that they did tell should have kept their mouths shut as well. In conclusion, it's always something. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Interested Parent

I am glad I got to see this. We are considering Covenant. What goes on outside of the school does have a direct impact on what happens in the school; however, the line of questioning and process of questioning may have been done incorrectly. When a family decides to pay for an environment of inclusion and likemindness then that family has to understand it will also be held accountable to the actions taken.

If one of the parents proclaimed an open marriage, that proclimation would in turn sour their relationship with the school. The reflective behaviors of the parents shine on the school. The staff were in fear of a blemished reputation.

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