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Friday, December 30, 2005



In a society that ignores or derisively scorns what God tells all of mankind in His Word, and that then also promotes what the Bible calls a "detestable perversion", it is commendable that a Christian institution has the courage to take a stand against homosexuality. It sounds like some of their procedures may have been a little shaky, but the overall action is commendable.

I know that this group would be glad to announce God's forgiveness in Jesus Christ to these students and to any people involved in these or other sins, but it would also need to be assured of their repentance and desire for that forgiveness.

I've read a number of web responses to this situation that demonstrate abysmal ignorance of Holy Scripture and the issues involved, and a blasphemous approach to the situation. This demonstrates the root of the problem behind most if not all social ills and moral decay we are increasingly surrounded with today.

The psalmist professed, "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path" (Psalm 119:105). If that were the motto of more and more people today, it would dramatically improve conditions in our world more than anything else possibly could.

clhs student

i attended this school. even at this moment when all of this was going on. im going to remain anonymous, but all i have to say is that this entire situation is bogus. along with how the pastor (principal) handled this situation, comes many other mishandled situations. Pastor Gregory Bork is a hypocrite. just weeks after this suit was declared he stated addressing a separate situation, "when our friends fall away from christ, it is our duty to surround them in an even more christian environment.." that must definitely show stable reasoning unto why he sent these girls away from christian environment into PUBLIC schooling right?

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