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Saturday, December 10, 2005



I really dont understand why schools should have a problem with bebo and xanga etc. because everyone in our school started going to bebo now they wanna block it......... man!!!!!

Angel Renee'

In recent events in the news about blogs such as Xanga and Livejournal, and with personal sites such as MySpace, I became extremely interested in trying to find out "What's all the fuss about anyway?"

Currently, I reside in Michigan and I heard through a friend that or Governor, Jennifer Granholm, is an advocate for banning sites such as Myspace, even for personal use, throughout the state. In addition, all public schools (at least to my knowledge,) have banned all these sites from their computers and if you find ways around these blocks (which there are, I have used them...) there will be severe consequences.

Truly, I don’t understand how the government can take such extreme measures on a few websites. I understand that it may be a safety hazard due to the fact that there are Cyber-Predators out there and it does distract people from their tasks (in the case of school etc.) However, it’s the persons’ choice what they put on their site. I am NOT saying that if someone is attacked or even killed, it’s their fault in ANY way because of what they put on the site. I AM saying however, that SOME of these cases could be prevented through taking cautious measures when making these sites. I believe this is one of the reasons the state would like to ban these-types of sites, and perhaps taking measures against that in which hit the reasons right in the balls, they might reconsider.

In addition, I understand the state is concerned with cliques, trends, etc. that could be potentially harmful to the rest of the population. However, I believe there is a lack of expression in society today and the internet is one way to express yourself and keep in touch with people you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Cutting these sites would be cutting a major communication link among the population today. What happens when people have nothing to do? THEY FIND SOMETHING TO DO…. Which COULD or COULD NOT be potentially MORE harmful than anything we have ever seen before.

Blogging and websites such as MySpace have more benefits than one can see. First of all, it is a way to express one’s self that cannot be done otherwise. In today’s society, teenagers are often overlooked or are categorized. By going on the internet and becoming members of these sites, perhaps they can see they are not alone and it would solve a lot of the problems that are within communities today (generally.) In addition, blogging is a way to vent about life and it’s obstacles (trust me, I have done it NUMEROUS times…) I know that perhaps this will be a controversial statement, but it is something that needs to be said: If the government is such an advocate for these sites to be banned and restricted, the government is also advocate for the effects it will have on the rest of the population. If these sites are used for venting etc. and their taken away, what do you think will happen? The population in which is susceptible to life’s obstacles and cannot release will find ways to release elseware, which could be potentially more harmful than anything we have ever seen.

Thank you for taking the time to see this from a different perspective,


please thank you




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Taylor the Teacher

I read above: "Governor, Jennifer Granholm, is an advocate for banning sites such as Myspace, even for personal use, throughout the state."

This was a while ago, and I was wondering if anyone knew if anything had become of that. It is outrageous.

Tried to contact the girl that made the post, but don't have (or want) a Xanga account.

Taylor, the teacher

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You made me remember the good old days - "What's it all about Alfie?". Nice title for this post though.

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