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Sunday, December 11, 2005



Kids don't need webspace to harass, humiliate and threaten one another over the internet. In cases I've heard about, email and instant messages have been the culprits, not blogs.


Lisa is absolutely fact, I was part of what I'd call a harassment storm for about 6 weeks in 1961, without phones or blogs or IM. It was known as the "slam book" back then in the neolithic. Each girl in the class had a page (or two or three) in this notebook that circulated, secretly, among the girls. It would just appear in your desk (you remember those desks, the lid would raise)...opened to your page.

Well, today it would be a cause celebre among the parents, I am sure. Back then it just made me miserable on three counts: what was said about me, what I wrote about others, and how I colluded in the passing-on.

Boys do that kind of collective shunning and shaming, I am sure, only I think it happens a couple of years later for them.

In other words, I'm not writing this series for any other reason than to say, don't demonize this new service or medium.


I think blaming a website(liek myspace and xanga) for irresponsible online acticity is the worst thing anyone has ever come up with. Have you ever thought to blame the parents? For not teaching their child proper online etiquette? If the parents took more responsiblity into teaching their child the correct morals, we would not be sitting here saying that websites are the problem of america.

for you, you do not have to fill out your profile on either myspace or xanga, you can leave it blank or even hide it.

and not all kids on myspace talk about drugs and sex, some even have religiouse sites on myspace? are you banning htem from spreading the word of our Lord, because some kids do not know how to act online?

And is it fair to punish all kids for the sins of few?

And saying they cant "blog" is like saying they cant keep a diary? If someone got a hold of that it would be just as potent as a online website.

and God knows what we do anyway, so surely blogging it will not bring us down to hell.

and as for online predators, without names, adresses or phone numbers how are they going to find you?

Dont blame a website for lack of parental responsibilty, make the parents take back that responsibilty and instill it in the kids. The kids didnt grow up with a computer, they grew up with their parents.




I agree with schools banning these websites and at the same time, parents should also monitor what their children are doing..
would any parent just let their kids go out for the evening with out knowing where they are going? I don't think so.
Also we always hear about students using these websites, what about the teachers and/or administrators who have used these sites to bad mouth others etc??
What is being done about them?
We have one in our district and no one can seem to get rid of that person? What kind of message does that send?

It can be easy accessed from school or work via web proxy server: They block the sites but kids can access anyway. Parents and teachers should watch for the kids.


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