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Sunday, December 11, 2005



I have 5 kids and our school went through a bad time with some students myspace accounts. The FBI informed the staff that known pedophiles were targeting several of our students accounts. We all dealt with and handled the situation. In our research we discovered so many completely inappropriate sites and just plain filth. So, I created a web site to help parents deal with this. Kids are going to hate it but it will help parents that are not that tech savvy to block,monitor and learn about this phenomenon. Also, their is a lot of info available on the subject.

Hope the sites helps a little.

Clinton Mah

Is the chance of a child being targeted by an online sexual predator larger than the chance of that child being in a traffic accident? If so, then one should teach children the web equivalent of fastening their seatbelts or of not riding with certain high-risk individuals. This is good parenting, not alarmism.


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