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Monday, December 12, 2005



Will Richardson posts a story today

Grieving at MySpace

This weekend, a very popular student at my school and her mother were tragically killed in a car accident. It's been a difficult few days for many in our community. The reason I mention it is that the student and many of her friends had sites at MySpace, and while hers has since been closed to public view, many of the other kids have been posting pictures and thoughts on their own sites in her memory. What's been striking to me is the scope of the outpouring online among these kids who are obviously making use of these sites to support each other and to grieve her passing. No doubt, as you scroll through many of these pages, you'll see troubling pictures and comments and links. But you'll also see a deeply connected community of kids, kids who are turning to these spaces to help each other cope and express their genuine feelings of sadness and confusion to one another."

Go read the
whole thing.


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