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Saturday, December 03, 2005



which of these schools include grades 9-12?

Sanford Shapiro

I have been traveling throughout different regions of the US, in order to visit independent schools that serve students with learning disabilities. The website has been hosting the write ups I post on each school. This year I will travel to about 60 schools and have been funded to do this by a generous parent of a child with ld, who wants to make it easier for parents nationwide to find the right school for their child. Rich Wanderman of LD Resources has helped us in this project and ultimately we will have a database that is searchable by learning profile descriptors as well as geography. You can find all this at the ldresources site under "Shapiro Visits K-12 Schools." LDResources is a really helpful site for anyone looking for informational resources concerning ld issues.
Sanford Shapiro
Bend Learning Cennter

Liz added clickable links

LD Resources

Sanford Shapiro Looks At Schools

diane blasco

how terrific! Can't wait to see the reviews. Diane

Julia Pluviose

I would like to find a place in Miami or Pembroke Pines, Florida specialing in diagnozed my child. He strugles at school. Eventhoug he make a lot of efforts to put his grades up, he can get it.

Liz Ditz

Julia, thanks for your comment.

I know very little about dyslexia in Florida. I suggest you contact the Florida branch of the International Dyslexia Association for a referral to a neuropsychologist or an educational psychologist who specializes in assessment of children with learning difficulties

Florida Branch of IDA

3750 San Jose Place, Suite 35
Jacksonville, Florida

Phone 904 803 9591
Fax (904) 858-3192
Contact Email
Identify IDA in your email subject, please.

chandra campbell

my daughter is 11& struggling in school...She is in a GREAT school, but a Dyslexia learner is not something they can handle. what can I do. this is her first year (6th) grade in this school, and I thought I was done searching because the school goes all the way to the 12th grade! (her reading and comprehension is on a 3rd to 4th grade level). The school is aware that she is Dyslexic and provide her with a resource teacher that is not enough. We live n Brooklyn, ny


chandra campbell

forgot to mention CAPD is another of her challenges...

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