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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Richard Goguen

I do not agree with private prep schools getting non profit status and not paying taxes. The more Cushing Academy makes, the more they buy other buildings in Ashburnham and the town loses tax dollars. It's understandable that public schools should be Non Profit but it is totally wrong to say a private prep school does not make a huge profit. They are a business and they should be paying huge taxes to the town. The laws need to be changed in this country to have schools like this pay taxes.

Paul Marks

I graduated Cushing in 1972 and while I was there I thought the school was greatly contributing to the local economy. We always spent our money in the vicinity and I noticed that most all of the workers maintaining the Academy, from food, laundry to grounds etc... were local. This is a Non-Profit school which has been helping educate students from all over the world for nearly 150 years. I think they should be given quite a bit of credit for their achievements. I believe over this period the surrounding area's benefited greatly from Cushing Academy. Think about it!

Mitch Meads

Ah Richard you are the epitome of the product of the American public school system... Jealous of the more opportunate. Listen if you really hate preppies why don't you work really really hard and get one of your 8 kids to private school and while your doing it learn some selflessness so he/she/it? may appreciate what good private schools do to this capitalist country of ours

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