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Friday, January 20, 2006



That's an interesting take on the issue, particularly for a writer. While I certainly agree, that with free speech comes certain responsibility, I still hesitate to support a view that tolerates -- even empowers -- an academic institution's ability to punish students for expressing themselves, in whatever range, through forums not within the scope of that institution's purview.

Had I known anyone in undergrad, friend or foe, who had been called to the carpet for their online writings (short of anything that might constitute libel), as a newspaper editor and an individual deeply invested into free speech -- however unappealing or inappropriate that speech might be -- I'd have raised a shitstorm the likes of which my college has never seen.

But then, that's just me.

A necessary corollary of the freedom of speech is the freedom to speak "inappropriately" -- else that freedom is robbed of meaning. Who decides what constitutes appropriate? A principal? A dean? A president?

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