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Sunday, January 15, 2006



Liz, Thanks for your comments at my site . . . and for spreading the word about the problems that the indigo child thesis creates for parents with ASD kids . . .


I remember leafing through one of those books and being quite disappointed. I have a lot of experience with very bright, "difficult" children, and none of them ever spoke to angels or aliens or engaged in telepathic communication. Most of them were impatient and resistant because they were wired differently than other kids, and therefore had a harder time controlling their impulses, reading social cues, and producing the correct response to expectations due to learning problems or sensory issues. It does these kids no favors to pretend that they have science fiction abilities. I've worked with many hypersensitive kids who can perceive noises, smells, textures, and colors that the average person "tunes out", but in my experience this is a gift that can also be a curse, as it can prevent them from mustering any kind of meaningful response or being able to focus on the sensory input that is actually important in that situation. If they can be taught to work with what biology has given them, then they can move forward. Pretending they're Harry Potter just makes it harder to sort through all that information to do anything useful for them.

More importantly, it's insulting to all people with disabilities to have to drum up some sort of mystical holiness, that somehow it's not enough to just be human and worthy of respect, but in order to justify being who you are, you've got to be Gandalf the Wizard. Why can't it be acceptable for them to just be human beings who are outside the typical range of development in some way? Is this movement really saying that there is something wrong with these kids as they really are?

Bonnie Ventura

Some people really do see auras. My brother is one of them. I believe it's a form of synesthesia, but I'm not going to spoil his fun by telling him so!

Miss Dennis

Love your comments! The Irascible Professor forwarded your email about my Purple Stapler story. I can see from your site that we are completely on the same page! I particularly like this comment:

"Those of us who think channelling and psychic powers are a load of codswallop describe these children as arrogant, impatient children who have not been guided to develop self-control."

So funny and true. I'm new to blogging and just getting the hang of things here. I'll be posting a bunch of links from my site soon and will be sure to list yours!

Miss Dennis


Editor here: this comment has been edited for language I do not allow. See my blogging principles for more information

Hmm...A very crappy analysis if I ever saw one. Speaking as a student with "bi-polar disorder", I can clearly state that your opinion that we are all some kind of freak shows who cant control themselves as if were were animals in a zoo is, infact, bull---, and only proves how arrogant and idiotic you really are. My best freind has ADHD, but guess what? He's the smartest individual I have ever come to know. He makes people like you look retarded. How effing stupid can you people get? Seriously, you go right on the US county school websites and read their pompous definitions of "Emotionally Disabled", "Autistic/Retarded", and "Learning Disabled" and take the bait, hook line and sinker. A good day for me, I must say, is when the feces hits the fan and I have a chance to duck. I've learned the hard way, however, that your bull--- is ballistic, and must be confronted directly. Rather than ignoring the idiotic state of mind which bitter old ladies such as yourself place yourself in, I am forced to argue with you in order to retain my self-esteem. How would you feel if everybody around you thought you were retarded? Well, the joke's on you, ----face. Because under all the heaps of beurocratic, gullible bullshit you throw on innocent children with "disabilities", you really dont realize how STUPID you look, do you? It seems that people like you dont have a very stable connection with the world around you, either. Seriously, dont trust everybody you meet like a trivial sucker. People may tell you that we're stupid, that we're naturally all obnoxious, that we cant achieve anything...But for you to believe it, even though you've never met any of these children (and if you have, your assumptions have taken over your ability to get to know them), makes you the saddest most pathetic type of sucker that I've ever come to know. You people talk about respect, but in the end, you pretend that you know us more than we do; a truly arrogant notion indeed, a notion which renders you a hypocrite. I hate seeing IDIOTS like you who pretend to acknowlage diveristy and yet shun children who are slightly different. You filthy hypocrite! Seriously, shove your beurocratic, filthy hypocritic feminist definitions [deleted]. I'm tired of being nice, tired of trying to reason with people who simply cant understand no matter how much reality you spoon-feed to them.

"Those of us who think channelling and psychic powers are a load of codswallop describe these children as arrogant, impatient children who have not been guided to develop self-control"

No, [insult]. That's you. Describing a group of individuals whom you dont even know as being "arrogant, impatient children"...You dont think that's arrogant? You dont even know who the eff I am or what I'm like and yet you've already set your mind in stone that I'm some kind of psycho. I, for one, have excellent self-control. Otherwise, if I saw filth such as you in public, and I had a heated debate with you in which you described me and my freinds as randomly disoriented psychopaths, instead of calmly and rationally proving you wrong(such as I in fact usually do with idiots such as yourself), I would smash your ugly face in wouldnt I? That would be the appropriate response to the neo-racism that people like you infect our society with. It's just like calling a black person a nigger. Seriously, you wouldnt dare do that, would you? You'd even find it unethical. But if a person is DISABLED, well of course that's different, right? No, of course not. It's the same pompous crap. I even somewhat praise those parents...they're doing the rare and original thing: which is to recognize their own effing children as human beings, rather than zoo animals to be inspected as if they were objects. You have fun making philisophical satirists obsolute by rendering yourself a useless, bitter hypocrite who can admire nobody but herself. I'll just stand by and laugh =).

Editor here. This man has reason to be angry. Read his account of his educational history.


More parents who believe their children have super powers:

Posted on Thu, Jan. 19, 2006 Believers say Indigo children have come to save us BY DIANNA MARDER Knight Ridder Newspapers


Mainstream doctors, scientists, psychologists and educators shake their heads at the very idea of Indigo children, who are described as "old souls" returning to earth to usher in an era of environmental renewal and political rebirth born of peace and compassion.

James Twyman is the producer/director of the new movie: "These new humans, this evolution we're seeing, is in answer to the mess we have made of the world," he says.

Carroll and Tober recommend that Indigo children attend private schools that focus on individual needs, such as Montessori or Waldorf schools. But educator Paula Moraine, faculty director at the Kimberton Waldorf School, says she's not sure there is such a thing as an Indigo. It is just as likely, she says, that parents are raising their children with more freedom of expression - certainly with more permissiveness. Carroll and Tober's descriptors, she says, are "so vague that they encompass being human." "You can find almost every child in those definitions."

She outlined four types of Indigos - humanist, conceptual, artist and interdimensional - who will become tomorrow's doctors, engineers, artists and religious leaders. But Tappe, along with retired psychotherapist Doreen Virtue, says many Indigos also exhibit other, more troublesome traits: impatience, a sense of entitlement that borders on boorishness, and uncontrollable rage.

These children are so smart that they're bored and distracted easily, says [Doreen] Virtue, [and]...painted a darker picture. She says conventional teachers - and parents - are ill-equipped to deal with these youngsters. As a result, many Indigos are wrongly identified as having attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD. Instead of having their positive traits encouraged, Virtue says, the children are inappropriately treated with such drugs as Ritalin.

George J. DuPaul, a Lehigh University professor of school psychology who has extensively researched ADHD and its treatment, is aghast at the suggestion. "It's amazing to me that people would believe it," DuPaul says. "There's no scientific basis at all." ADHD is a quantifiable, medically recognized diagnosis, he says, but Indigo is a dream. "This Indigo-child thing," DuPaul says, "has no basis in fact or research. There is no diagnostic nomenclature, no test for it." He says our ability to diagnose and treat ADHD children has grown, not the number of youngsters with the disorder.

Undaunted, Indigo believers say medicine and science have always been slow to embrace change. Twenty years ago, for example, the medical profession scoffed at meditation.

But parents who insist on downplaying or rejecting an ADHD diagnosis may be setting up their youngsters for a lifetime of difficulty, says Ronald Brown, professor of public health and a dean at Temple University. "Several longitudinal studies show these undiagnosed children don't fare as well as adults," Brown says. "They get stuck in low-paying jobs and experience difficult marriages."

Dina Melendez was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was only 28. Her belief that everything in life happens for a reason was part of her survival strategy - reinforced by her surgeon, Beth DuPree, at St. Mary Medical Center in Langhorne, Pa. It was DuPree who introduced Melendez to the Indigo phenomenon.

"She came to my house," Melendez recalls, "and she looked at Matthew and said, 'You know, he's Indigo.'" DuPree says she recognized in Matthew some of the traits of her own Indigo child, Tommy, now 15. "I see Indigo as that color of the spectrum of light that has to do with spirituality," DuPree says. "To me it means your soul has an eternal nature." After that, Melendez read all she could on the subject, and struggled to be patient with her whirling dervish of a child.

Other parents of Indigos say they have become more spiritual as a result of having such remarkable, loving children. Janice Girgenti is convinced that her son Daniel is an Indigo who somehow healed the family cat after a veterinarian said its condition was hopeless. Joy Day Stevens, a marketing professional, says her Indigo child, 3-year-old Steele, often gives her messages from her deceased sister, whom he never met. "Even at 3," she says, "he has a real clear idea of what he wants and what would make things better." And Nancy Jean Walton, a Reiki practitioner, says her son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was in fourth grade. "But I knew better," she says. "They suggested drugs, but we wouldn't allow it." She says he's Indigo.

For now, Matthew Melendez is in a half-day preschool where he is doing well, and Dina Melendez says the Indigo/ADHD debate is irrelevant. Matthew, she says, has been a gift to her, and it won't matter if teachers don't see him as Indigo.

Meanwhile, Virtue predicts that no new Indigos will be born. Instead, she says, she's already beginning to see Crystal children, born with exceptional healing powers and the ability to communicate telepathically.

Their challenge, she says, "is that they may be misdiagnosed with autism."


Where to See 'Indigo' Movie

The Indigo Evolution will be shown for the first time nationwide on Jan. 27, 28 and 29. A full list of locations is at



Do you have any evidence that “indigo children” actually do have indigo “auras”, are “evolutionarily more advanced”, have psychic powers etc etc? If so, please present it.


Lee Carroll (channeling Kryon) writes in this">">this book (page 99) that Indigo Children have the following identifying characteristics:

* A higher vibration.

* An imprint that voids certain astrological attributes that usually affect all humans.

* Specific biological equipment to enable them to better handle the human manufactured impurities of the planet that are now part of the human way of life.

All this begs the following questions:

1 What is the minimum vibrational frequency of an Indigo?

2 Which specific astrological attributes are voided in an Indigo?

3 Which "biological equipment" does an Indigo have that ordinary people do not have?

4 How will these things be measured or determined for certification purposes?


I wonder if perhaps there is a good argument to be made that arguing about labels such as "indigo children", vs. labels such as ADHD, Borderline Prsonality Disorder, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, etc., is quite possibly just pitting one type of pseudoscience against another type of pseudoscience.

But, being not nearly familiar enough with either the spiritual/paranormal field, or the field of mainstream pill-pushing psychiatry, I'm not the person to make that argument. :-)

However, I am rather intrigued by the theory that the pathologizing of certain kinds of socially undesirable behavior often serves merely as a convenient method of social control - as well as serving as a good method of lazily avoiding really solving some of the problems which might lead to the undesired behavior in the first place.

(E.g., it's much less work to slap a diagnostic label on a bored, restless kid, than to work at making school more fun and interesting).

I recommend checking out the writings of Thomas Szasz - very interesting stuff.


OK, I'm going to get on my soapbox again for a fraction of a second, because it really bugs me when people assume that ADHD is just a kid being bored and restless because school isn't interesting. I've been in the special education field for a few years and have worked with lots of kids who have attention issues of one sort or another. These are kids who can't:

-sit through a whole movie, even if they really want to see the movie
-get the fork with food on it into their mouth because they get distracted in the time it takes to pick up a piece of food and bring it to their lips
-get interested in even a hands on science or art project because it doesn't involve running and jumping around at high speeds
-participate in sports because they can't attend long enough to learn the rules or remember which direction the goal is in

And I could go on. These kids are not bored. They are attention-impaired. They often get terribly frustrated with themselves and receive a lot of frustration directed at them from angry parents, classmates, coaches, teammates, and so on. They want to do well, but end up doing or saying things they don't mean, or walking away from a project they were really interested in but can't sustain the attention long enough to finish.

I invite anyone who thinks that ADHD doesn't exist to work with kids who actually have it. Try teaching them a skill that has more than two parts or that requires forethought and planning. Try getting them to remember all the supplies and safety precautions they need for that fantastic project they're imagining. Try taking them to a zoo, museum, restaurant, farm, or hotel that they want to visit without them getting lost or impulsively touching something or losing track of the goal of going in the first place. It's not as simple as "making school more interesting". You have to pay attention long enough, and process deeply enough, to figure out what is going on in the room before you can decide whether you're interested or not. And you have to be able to sustain attention long enough to see your work through to satisfaction, or you won't walk away with a positive experience.

Some of my students are on medications, others aren't. It has not been my experience that doctors "push pills". If anything, pediatricians often tell our parents that the kid is just a bit "immature" for his age. Maintaining a child on medication is a huge amount of work and involves lots of checklists, phone calls to parents and doctors, and recalibrating doses or medicine types as the kid's eating and sleeping and growth spurts and hormones change. It is so completely NOT a quick and easy fix. You also have to deal with a child who is focused in the world for the first time, and who doesn't have much idea of what she's missed up to that point. Kids who were spacey and disconnected before suddenly notice that the other kids aren't really nice to them, or that they're way behind academically. They stick with things long enough to get frustrated, but have to start developing frustration tolerance for the first time. It's often a very rocky and emotional experience for the child, parents and teachers. But I've also seen kids jump two grade levels in reading and math within a few months, since they're using all of their energy to attain the academic goals and are finally connecting with the material. And then I've had kids who didn't respond at all, or just got irritable, and ended up not staying on medication at all. It just depends on the situation.

Point being, it's not simple, and I really dislike when people pretend it is.

OK, getting off the soapbox now.


I liked the "special children" theory better when it was the backstory for X-Men.


How sad your comments are- talking about children who you dont even know . The truth is that thankfully these children are compassionate and non judgemental unlike you. That is why they are the hope.


Err, as I see it, the post is not really about the children, so all the comments about being unfair to them are completely besides the point. Also kids with ADD/ADHD are not denigrated. The opposite is true, labeling them as "Indigo" gives parents a great excuse for denying reality and put their own delusions before the welfare of their child. It is the parents who are attacked, for being selfish and only interested in their own self-image instead of accepting their children as they are.
Also, the notion that "Indigos" are evolutionary more advanced is ridiculous. There is no "advancement" in evolution and as far as I can see, we will actually only know when natural selection will have had its say.
A last point: This "Indigo" thing reminds me of "City of the Damned".


I have a chemical imblance in my brain that causes me to be clinically depressed/suicidal. My parents tried almost everything, when I was first diagnosed, to make me better without giving me medicine. Nothing worked. When I was finally given a prescription, guess what? Symptons almost completely gone within a month. I'd like to see you tell me or my extremely conservative parents to our faces that they're just drug-pushers, and I don't really need any medicine. Thank God they didn't decide I was an "indigo child," or I can garantee you I wouldn't be here today.


Whoever believes that these children aren't real and have some sort of problems or their parents have problems is not so because i have many stories of my gifted child that people wouldn't believe.


indigo children brook arent usually depressed they are all different kids i use to call my child gifted i never even knew the word indigo i was gifted and my child was even more .You can't jump into someone's shoes if there not yours.

Dianne Welsh

perhaps we need a more objective, middle-of-the-road view.
I'd like to know how many independent studies have been done; I personally think the whole phenomena has become a bit 'religious' However, I do feel that there may be a good deal of credibility in many of these.
In hindsight, I wish I had have been more aware raising my own very'full-on' 22 year old daughter. I feel if I had have followed some of the suggestions of the new-age 'gurus' and had treated her with more respect, she wouldn't be as troubled as she is now.

Dianne Welsh

perhaps we need a more objective, middle-of-the-road view.
I'd like to know how many independent studies have been done; I personally think the whole phenomena has become a bit 'religious' However, I do feel that there may be a good deal of credibility in many of these.
In hindsight, I wish I had have been more aware raising my own very'full-on' 22 year old daughter. I feel if I had have followed some of the suggestions of the new-age 'gurus' and had treated her with more respect, she wouldn't be as troubled as she is now.


I now know why I hate waiting in lines, why I think I am right all the time, and have troubles with authority, and why I have ADHD symptoms. I am an Early Indigo- and my parents tried to make me be normal....Unbelievably good news for me. I need to call a lawyer, find someone to read my aura and basically go make a shrine to myself.

Wow- Some people are screwed up!!


I was surfing the web and came accross this Indigo subject. I was really taken aback with the anger and attack on those people who have a very different view of life than you do. It is no wonder there is no world peace when people feel the need to defend their opinons the way you do. When there is no inner peace, there can be no outer peace. What makes our world interesting and enjoyable to live in is the diversity of its people. The parents of indigo's love their children as does any other good parent and who is to judge that they are causing more harm to their children than you do to your own? I have no problem letting you have your own view on life. It is yours to have and it is your life to live, however you choose to do so. I just hope that one day your heart will open enough to accept the light of truth to shine within it. You could of never writen such things if you were writing from the heart. We all are powerful beings of light if we choose to be. It is our choice. Many people believe that it is our darkness that most frightens us, but in truth, it is our light, our inner power and greatness that scares us. It is not arrogance to see yourself in such a way like some would believe because if you can see your own greatness, you are able to see the greatness in others as well. The fear of our own "light" or greatness is why so many choose to walk alone in their darkness, lashing out at the world in their pain. They put people in a box and slap a label on it and say "that is who you are, and what I think about you" because they are too frightened themself to break out of their own box that was placed on them by others. The box is safe. You know what to expect from yourself and others and never have to worry about change or mystery creeping in unexpectedly and creating a life filled with the unknown! It is not honerable to dismiss yourself as ordinary and to ignore that there is a higher purpose for you to be here. Accepting others who know who they are and letting them be who they are will only come when you accept yourself and let yourself be who you truely are. Open your mind and your heart. Look behind your anger and defenses, and your cynicism. There is a whole world out there filled with ancient mystery for you too. There is nothing "new age" about it.


There are those who would use the indigo concept to their own benefit, but there is also the ones who are true to their heart.
ADHD is not a scientific diganosis, no matter what people say, it's just a name for a description of signs. No one really knows for sure what this is about.
So, ADHD concept is not science, Indigo is not science. If you want to argue about the existance of indigo children, you better come up with a better arguments.


# Have difficulty with discipline and authority
# Refuse to follow orders or directions
# Find it torture to waiting in lines, lack patience
# Get frustrated by ritual-oriented systems that require little creativity
# Often see better ways of doing thing at home and at school
# Are mostly nonconformists
# Do not respond to guilt trips, want good reasons
# Get bored rather easily with assigned tasks
# Are easily distractible, can do many things at once
# Have strong empathy for others or NO empathy
# Are often identified or suspected of having ADD or ADHD, but can focus when they want to
# Often express anger outwardly rather than inwardly and may have trouble with rage

This is a description of Bart Simpson, underachiever and proud of it. "The Simpsons" should do an episode where a gullible Homer finds out about Indigo Children and forces a cynical Bart into daffy expensive New Age workshops, while the responsible student Lisa seethes that Bart is getting all the attention for being a brat. Then Homer corrects Lisa and tells her she should worship her brother, and she goes "mmmmmmm" like Marge does, while Bart plays the system with sass-mouth at school, and his New Age guru befuddling Principal Skinner in conference. With all this absurd material available nowadays about Indigo Children, this episode will practially write itself. Maybe it's already in production.

victoria pearson

hello..i was breezing past some addresses when i thought i should check out what the sceptics have to say..these glorified self confessed experts on the indigo children debunkers.,and well if this wasnt enough to get me hot under the collar,i myself went through the western public education system and it really is educationing children into shame,to live under the illusion of a solar masculine orientated society,that drives us to become nothing more than materalistic slaves,consumers that are so spiritually stunted we spend our lives filling a void with materialism never to reach a state of complete happiness,contentment or joy..we are taught even in christianity complete subserviancy to the hierachy of the church,that our soul is to be filled with shame to keep us from breaking through the illusion,to become more than figments of societys illusion,yes ,we even the non indigos are taught to become mere slaves to this mentality,as if we cant see what christianity has done to our children in the past,the british that came to the shores of america and australia disrespected the people that were previously exsisting in peace and harmony ,ripped of their culture,their land stolen from them,thier children stolen from family and placed in missions to try reeducate them into christian culture,what a load of crap have your forefathers placed on us as children of the new earth,i feel we are no more than mere janators,here to clean up the horrific mess you have placed on this planet,then to live with your ignorance that we are just adhd and should be filled with mind altering drugs,so that we fit in with your ridgid,guilt and competitive driven society..tis you that has adhd,you cant seem to break out of your illusion that you have created and your terrified of admitting your mistakes so you keep creating conflict ,brother against brother,sister against sister,divide and conquer mentality..turning us into blind consumers that believe the authority thrown to us,like hungry mangy dogs with a bone..perhaps you should be pleased that we have come here to get you out of this mess youve dug for yourself,and remember it is what is inside that becomes ones reality,and by the sound of it your reality seems hostile,cold,ignorant and spiritually stunted..and to think we are here for people like you,so you can see how much work you have cut out for are just a mere figment of your imagination and yet you project that idea on all of sad,how very sad...

victtoria pearson

i would place a bet that lisa was the indigo,considering all her enviormental issues she has trouble getting across to the adults,you can tell shes the non conformist cause she excells in everything..they had an epiosode on bart taking ritalin and then putting worried marge on valium..if you missed it ,perhaps hunt it down and watch it..its an eye opener to say the least...

Reading through this, I came across the article in the "sceptics" dictionary, and I was forcibly reminded of some sketch I saw where this guy was planning some sort of hoax, and explained that he was going to give an accurate personality profile to people based on the the lessons they had learned from a past life which was "determined" through a series of questions. While he is laughing away at this idea, his partner asks confusedly how is it going to work, and he explains that one of the questions is the exact date of birth, so he just gets it all from the star chart!

While the article starts off trying to discredit one psuedoscientific belief, it smoothly merges into an explanation of this through a description of another, ridiculous, psuedoscientific concept, with not a TRACE of irony! Being unfimiliar with this website, I automatically assumed that it was a (lame) spoof item. I was disappointed. Whereas the concept of indigo children is a psuedoscience, and a respected branch at that, it speaks within the realms of psuedoscience, and doesn't pretend to be otherwise, fiercely supporting it's legitimacy nonetheless. adhd, on the other hand, is an indescribably pathetic piece of irrational nonsense sadly masquerading as a legitimate medical science. illustrates this point wonderfully (it has a reference to indigo children as well), the whole website [] does, The "ADHD Summary" part especially. The skeptics dictionary is a nonsense which exists to make a virtue of closed-mindedness, which has NOTHING to do with critical thinking. At all. These guys seem to have sadly missed the point. The way they were babbling about adhd was as if the diagnoseses had all been confirmed via a blood test, and it was truly pathetic the way they took seriously that website about an adhd EPIDEMIC, these alleged proponents of critical thinking taking with such blatant bullcrap. Now, as to that person who was talking all that crap about those kids who couldn't sit through a movie or something, these kids sounded like-probably-RETARDS! Either that or you're lying, or misinterpreting them. I know a lot of kids who could be twisted into such a description. Quite cruel. But they're probably retards. That there are many kids who are bored and restless in an un-interesting school is a claim needing no justification. We live in a society that forbids under-18's from seeing PSYCHICS of their own free will, yet helps kids be FORCED to go to a psychiatrist. On the one hand a psychic could PROBABLY instill in youngsters a negative sense of fatallism, and, there is the presupposed notion that they haven't the maturity to handle an assesssment of their self. WHAT, pray tell, does that say about psychiatry? Let's have a look shall we. A psychiatrist is, like a psychic, a pseudoscientist. A psychiatrist, through reasons unrelated to credibility, is taken more seriously than a psychcic.It is taken, in fact, as a science, as a fact, as- HARD LOGIC. It is then, FIRSTLY, ALL the negative implications of a psychic multiplied a-hundredfold. SECONDLY, as already stated, the child is often forced- he has NO CHOICE. THIRDLY, and again, often FORCED, psychiatrists have the power to prescribe mind-disabling drugs, and, because of the first reason, STIGMATISE them for life. I could go on, but I'll leave it there. As to this person who is saying poor ASD kids, let me tell you, you dumb, wierd feminist b**** stuck in the stagnant world of ASD culture, I had to live through an asperger's diagnosis when I was young, and it is something I don't wish on anyone. If I EVER meet you in person..... well, you'll just have to hope there's a crystal child there to calm me down.

PS, nice comments in "a crappy analysis if I ever saw one"..... spoon feeding them reality, that's a good one!


What would i prefer......a gullible semi-narcissist (assuming they're wrong) , or a fully-blown narcissist, possible sadist, with a sub-condition of munchenhausers by proxy? I THINK I would prefer the gullible semi-narcissist....


ADHD might be.......well, I won't go into it here, but until reading that article in the "skeptics" dictionary, I had absolutely no reason to suspect a CONSPIRACY.....I may know better now.....


You're right.... the way they were saying stuff like "should not replace scientific studies" and all that other stuff was the most blood-boiling thing I've ever heard in my life..... what utter shit!


Maybe the skeptics dictionary should do an article on ADHD :)


I received two emails to add in here. The first one was entitled You Are An Idiot

I find your comments to be offensive, and terribly small minded. I wonder.. what is it about this subject that you fear so much that you have dedicated much of your time and effort publicly attacking it. Why is it that you have such strong resistence to the possibility that there just might be something out there that is much bigger than you and those like you (by this I mean "narrow/small minded, and arrogant egoist). Do you really believe that the negative ignorance that you speak is not clearly seen for what it is..... I challenge you to rethink this. And further more, I am not interested in your opinions concerning this subject, clearly you don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about. Take your negativity somewhere else.... I am sure that most others would agree.

I emailed the person back, saying I wasn't sure what I was being an idiot about, as the writer hadn't made any reference to a particular issue. The writer replied that it was about this issue, and went on to say:

In reading this article it seemed clear to me that you have "little", if any, personal knowledge of the subject. To add to this...your views concerning the subject at hand were very clearly fear based. Do you actually know (personally) anyone that would be considered an "indigo", or is your opinions drawn on others supposed findings? I would have to guess the latter, because someone that has had personal exposure to the "indigos" wherewith to draw from, when forming their feelings and beliefs concerning such, would be hard pressed to come to your conclusions. And about your comments concerning those in the field of promoting the indigo children...that they are taking part in some "clever marketing' scheme.... first, let me just say that surely common sense tells us that those that are willing to take advantage of the system and use it for unworthy causes can be found everywhere, in every field. So, perhaps there are some that would take advantage of the indigo movement and use it as means to gain on a personal level... monetarily or otherwise. However, it is my belief that this is far from the case concerning those that were mentioned in your article...

I have done much research concerning this subject, and I have found their work to be extremely acurate and sincere.... and helpful as well, I might add. You see, I can speak of this subject from a viewpoint of knowing. Because this has been something that I have dealt with all of my life.... on many levels, and in many instances. Not neccessarily by concious choice, but more in an effort to understand myself, and yes... my children as well.

I don't quite understand your comments concerning "lack" of parenting, or rather ineffective parenting... when addressing certain parenting challenges, or your assumption that we as parents are neglecting our childrens needs for medical care "in favor of new-age worship of a child". These comments sound to me to be those made by someone that has absolutely no idea what they are talking about. And they strike me as being very offensive and quite frankly personally attacking. So just let me say that you don't know me, you don't know my children. Nor do you know anything about the struggles that we have faced in our lives due to this matter. So frankly, and I think that I speak for those others that have dealt with these same issues....

You, whoever you are, don't have to agree with, like, or support the indigo movement.... but we would very much appreciate it, if you could find it in your heart to resist the urge to publicly attack those of us that are dealing with these "real life" struggles that are very much a part of our existence... like it or not. And we are daily doing the best that we can to gain insight and understanding about this so that we too can live our lives too the fullest. Again, I don't know you or anything at all about you... however, I do know that if you are human, you more than likely have issues in your personal existence that are less than ideal. And I am sure that you too have to deal with those parts of you that maybe you don't fully understand... but are nontheless... very much a part of you. And must be dealt with daily. And pardon me if this sounds arrogant or rude, but just in case you are one of those who fail to see inperfection within your own identity.... you might want to take a look at your need to attack those you don't even know.... and their personal issues that you have no reality base to draw from. Why... do you feel the need to strike out at me, and those others like me..... you don't know me. And I, prior to reading your public attack would never have considered saying things to you or anybody else that might have seemed harsh. And I would like to apologize for my initial reaction that resulted in my calling you an idiot... that is something that is completely out of character for me... and not something I am proud of. So, I would like to re-phrase what I said. I don't know you, or anything about you.. obviously. So, therefore I am not qualified to stand in judgement of you, and label you an idiot... however, I still believe strongly that this action you have taken... against those that are dealing with living life as an "indigo" was indeed ignorant...and just plain cruel. I do hope that in the future, you might consider the feelings of those that you lash out at before you start lashing. Do you really desire to hurt innocent people that have never and probably would never do the same to you.... is this the person that you are? I hope not, I want to believe that you mean well, and perhaps just haven't fully thought out your actions. And that in the future you will. We are all striving daily to do the best we can with that which we have been given to work with. Knowing this... makes it easier for me to find a way to view you and others thru eyes of compassion... instead of judgement. And I know you haven't asked... but I forgive you for the cruel things that you said, (that felt very personal to me) and I ask you to consider your actions more carefully in the future.


I am a member of an Adult Indigo group and would like to share a post and my reply with you.

The newly-formed group, Seven Rays of the Chakras, is calling for
volunteer educators to come forward with ideas and advice to develop a
web-based system for the delivery of instruction and knowledge to
Uniquely Perceptive Children ("indigo children").

We ourselves are uniquely perceptive and have the first-hand
experience of learning from a system that did nothing to help us and
others who do not learn by reading, but by hearing, seeing, and
hands-on. Many of these children have been diagnosed with ADD/HD and
are taking medications like Ritalin, Concerta, Provigil, and other
medications that they might not need. A new knowledge delivery system
for those of us who have been lead to believe that we are "learning-disabled" children and young adults is needed. Filling that need is our primary mission.

Volunteers from all areas of education are needed, especially those familiar with the differences in learning between those children who are uniquely perceptive and those who are not.

If this way of educating our children is to be changed, a "paradigm shift," we are the ones to do it. If you're an educator in a
classroom, in a home school, or in any other way, please let me know. Educators who themselves are Uniquely Perceptive People will be especially useful in developing the new way of teaching and learning.

For more information please e-mail
Paula Koval, at [email protected]

Experienced parents whose home-schooling curricula have been State-approved are welcome to keep us from "reinventing the wheel."


My Reply:

Hello Yvette and Paula,

It is so wonderful to make contact with others who are interested in raising the consciousness of the general public. Despite the vast amount of information readily available on the subject of "Uniquely Perceptive Children," there is still much controversy and conflicting views.

I have been watching the evolution of these children and working with them for many decades. I received my wake-up call when my oldest son was 9 months old. He will be 25 in November. He was a very mild mannered child, an "easy child" with no signs of hyperactivity that I witnessed in many other children his age. Subsequently, I began paying close attention and working with parents of children in both groups I observed at that time.

My oldest was home schooled and entered the public school system at the age of 8. At that time, of course, he was tested and the amazing results rocked the school district. His reading skills and comprehension were at 11th grade level, 10th vocabulary, and 6 grade math level as he entered 3rd grade. Unfortunately, there was no system in place to accommodate him.

Ten years later, I found myself faced with yet another battle with the school district as my youngest son was diagnosed ADHD with a high risk of Bipolar. With these results, I developed an extensive healing program which included behavior modification, strict dietary plan and alternative meds which consisted of homemade remedies designed specifically for his needs. I simply mapped and charted his behavior for a 1 year period and developed this program for him prior to entering kindergarten. My child had many sensitivities most of sensory nature which manifested in an array challenges in his behavior. The process would have been much easier if he possessed the language necessary to articulate himself at the early age of 2 years old. These children speak a subtle language that most do not understand.

We had very supportive teachers from kindergarten until 2nd grade. Since his "tea" had no over-the-counter or prescription medications, he was allowed to remain in the classroom rather than disrupting his class time by seeking out the school nurse several times a day for daily doses. Unfortunately, his 3rd grade teacher created a situation that literally sent not only the school but the school district on a witch hunt. Her position was during her 30 years as a teacher, child with such diagnoses were placed on heavy medication and still displayed behavioral issues leading to the inability to learn. This was not the case with my child and the only conceivable answer to this situation was one of witchcraft and practitioner of voodoo. What a chariot ride into the new millennium!

Despite my efforts to educate the system as an advocate of children with "disabilities", they even defied ADA and continued to walk the path of witch hunters. I attempted to introduce new concepts through Section 504 and IEP process which are Federal mandated regulations but to no avail.

In this day and age, there are millions of children who fall under your title of “Uniquely Perceptive Children” that need advocates such as Seven Rays of the Chakras to implement the necessary changes to support the mission of these children.

As a practitioner of the Healing Arts I honor my role as a Spiritual/Life Coach and healer for these children. I carry a variety of healing alternatives in my medicine bag, however, I am in support of your mission and most appreciative for the opportunity to share my expertise in the area of developing new ways to educate these children and more importantly, the formal introduction of this knowledge to create the paradigm shift in misinformed parents, teachers, clergy and the others who are struggling to embrace truth. My personal mission also involves healing work with those engaged in Self-Injury as well as those diagnosed MPD/DID.

My gifts are open to the world.

Much Love, Many Blessings


I think a lot of people exposed to the idea of "indigos", including many of the so-called experts, miss the essential heart of the concept. This isn't about different colors, or children whose parents are unable to properly teach and care for their offspring, or who has greater claim to the 'science fiction' aspect of their lives. In my mind, the self-proclaimed indigo phenom is most incredible for the very real and tangible aspects of the human psyche, and their determinable (read: practical, useful, worth a damn) relation to the development of the human race as a whole.
Try, if you are able, to look past the fantasy of the more esoteric shades of an 'indigo' - and past that very visible color green that attracts an overwhelming number of 'all-knowing' facilitators and wise curators-of-the-faith to selling not only their own souls, but misleading those others that are searching - and see the true heart of the thing itself. No emotional or intellectual concept in the world has acheived that perfection that would withstand the scrutiny of a pure, logical dissection. Even the science in which we trust so fully can be questioned. Please consider this. Our fallible senses are the only vehicle of perception through which we may validate our assertions, even our founding axioms, so it would be hypocritical to deign one system wholly unusable simply because it has the potential to be incorrect in some facet. Instead, we must take the truths from the conglomeration of ideas that we create, gleaning what is useful and discarding the rest.
In light of the subject of this post, it seems that the real issue - whether it is safe and conscionable to allow a parent to decide what medical attention a potentially disturbed or physically ailing child receives - has become quagmired in some controversy revolving a completely seperate idea, a system, that was created not around the color of your coat, but the content of your soul. Where did we lose track?

I urge those here who are interested not in the subject of the article, but in the indigo theory, to read some grounded material from one of those self-proclaimed indigos, an adult, who explicitly challenges some of the current media surrounding the 'Indigo Child'.

and please, read about the actual, verifiable aspects of an Indigo, or whatever else you wish to call them.


indigo was made up to draw people with mental disorders. they are easy to manipulate and con. like religion.

just remember Doreen Virtue she is a Catholic
angels god white light etc.

a ploy to get more idiots into church.

all in all it's all crap!!!

victoria pearson

nathan,its obvious you know nothing about indigos and whom they represent on earth,we represent purity and light ,we have come to reeducate western civilization the importance of mother earths resorces that have been exploited for far to long,if man continues on this path of distruction all will be soon extinct via his selfish actions..only a person that want allow the light into his life lives in darkness and feels it easier to bring others down to his level of reality than to expand his own..noone can become your external saviour this is an illusion to keep oneself from reaching his full potentiol as a christ consciouss being..its obvious you have much pain to work through in order to raise yourself above the mindset you are living in now and i hope for your sake you make an is trully a shame how dark this planet has become that it feels threatened by its own childrens creativeness,that it would rather accuse these beautiful souls of being disabled in some way ,fuelling them with drugs that leave them zombiefied and soulless..doureen has done wonders to change our education system,by accusssing her of being out there and catholic just empafies your complete lack of concioussness,reality is what you make of it,walking the path of a spiritual being takes courage and much spirit,just look at christ,we all have the ability to become christ like ,tis unfortunate that our education system is spiritually stagnent,preferring to fill our children with the shame and guilt of christianity!!rather than the actual teachings of christ..instaed of the supposed disiples,that frankly ditched him prior to his crusifiction..who wants to rely on teachings from men that ran away from their beloved..the only people that stuck with christ was his sister,mother and lover..thats right three women..but yet christianity has reduced these women to near nothing..this removal of the feminine within our culture has now caused much upheavel in nature..nature being our mother..that this patriacal society has treated as his possession that he can cut up and sell,kill people for the resorces,such as oil..if you cannot see this then you trully are blind and i hope you awaken before you are left behind..good luck on your jorney called life mate...

victoria pearson

one more rather perplexed how you managed to even write this comment considering there is an anti automated robot system attached...




ooooo..this site..yeah i was here along time ago chad,i moved on though cause it was affecting me as a spiritual being...i wish you all the best chad and hope that the hypnosis works for you!!!love and light..v%


Wow, explosive commentary, it's all wonderful, thankyou.

Nothing like bringing Indigo's out to speak their minds to prove moreover what the world will benefit. Have they not demonstrated exceptional acuity, concept and knowledge in every cause they address? Have they not spoken with spirited passion and good will at every turn? Are these Indigo's, here, not the very antithesis of the debunker's ADHD Brat synopsis?

Liz, my appreciation to you for having articulated with clarity a danger of delusional thinking. It is a fair comment. My appreciation also for calling the spade of "Indigo" Industry which you have fairly percieved as a spade. I have no problem with either of these points, and would only congratulate them.

It is only apt, however, to point out that an, albeit amusing, outpour of dry cynicism is not proof in the negative of the existence of a spiritual movement encoded in the aura of a generation of people, it's actually rather a popular form of manipulative reasoning via appeal called rhetoric.

There seems to have been some kind of evolution of the human psyche since the invention of rhetoric which enables the perciever to insert varieties of substance into a hollow rhetorical argument causing it to be truth. The human race developed this remarkable ability, and is proudly waving it about in the feign of cleverness, false conclusions are standard issue.. to wit:

"fantasies of a delusional and psychologically abusive parent."

Means you need more discovery into the topic, Chris, as it appears you do not know the Indigo's announce themselves to their parents, not the other way round.

"The worship of the child, which began with the "youthquake" of the 1960s. "Indigo child" traits are very much those of an active 3-year old--these children aren't refusing to grow, their opposition is sacred!"

Means, Liz, that your outlook is bitter and you can find no medium between disgust and worship... such as respect.


As for the Indigo itself, here's the thing, Indigo's are born to discover new horizons, they want new horizons, they crave a higher more divine, peaceful and heavenly plane of existence on such a deep level, that even though it will better humanity and life on earth for non-indigo it doesn't matter if you care or believe or even like us, we live to reach it and will nothing half-so-much as we will this. Love is the point, not the banner.



scientifical mathematic formula based indigo going on crystal adolecent


"everything can be understood".......this is the key to every level.The question is the answer ,an outcome is not needed to know it exists.And the smallest number is 1.

These may look like sentences with simple truths...though every-one of these sentences could be described in numerous volumes of books to understand their true meaning.

the proof is the question to the answer.The answer lies in the question ,but the answer only is true to the logic used for the question.

I dare you to explain each sentence to me on my e-mail : [email protected]

If you can impress me ,we'll talk more.

no explanation is needed,as you should understand...

Jesus Christ is Lord of ALL!

What a bunch of New Age, false religious, paganistic, Satanic, nonsensical rubbish.

"We're special" are the claims. The only thing "special" are the delusions of grandeur and the self-centered, egotistical, undisciplined, Godless lifestyles they lead.

There is no "path to enlightenment" through any of that garbage, but instead there is a road to a devil's hell.

Whether you want to shun, bash, brutalize, discount or otherwise lie about Christianity is, of course, a personal choice. There is but ONE way to heaven, ONE way to eternal life and ONE way to God: Through Jesus Christ and Him alone.

brenda the one with ADD

I have ADD and take Concerta. I am not indigo-just a white girl. I sure hope I don't have to save the world. I wouldn't know where to begin. I can't read minds or see angels. I don't channel some god through my body to enlighten the rest of the world. I go to work, take care of my kids and husband, and clean my house. That is as heavenly as it gets with me. Sorry parents of indigo and crystal children, us ADDers are not your salvation- just your headache. Snap out of denial and do the right thing for your kids. Spare the rest of society from your ridiculous excuses and theories.


Not much on my mind right now. I haven't been up to anything. Today was a complete loss. That's how it is. Not much exciting going on these days.

not sure

ok, i have read so much things on here and i do not even know where to begin!! well lets see here, i am for the new generation that is forthcoming. i do believe that there are children like this. i do not need scientific facts to believe this. seeing is believeing. i am not agianst people who are into there religion deeply. but i do have a few things to say. before i say anything, i want to let everyone know that i am very sorry if offend anyone, but it is a freedon of speech. the thing that bothers me the most is how alot of religious people including my husbands family are so closed minded, (im not saying all, but some) they tell us who dont really go by the bible that we ar so closed minded b/c we dont want to look at the bible the way they see it. but in all reality, they are the ones who very closed minded. the world is always changing and there are always diffrent kind of well say humans that are born with diffrent abilitys or for those or are ignorant to things like that, they would call them disabilities.there is always somthing new. if you are religious then you will know this "Gods way anything is possiable. so why do you guys act like there is no such thing as "indigo Children" or children that our diffrent from you or your children. this is when i come back to the closed-minded. maybe you should face reality our children our changing our futures, and they will be the ones to bring life back to this earth. they will also never be left behind. for all those that are inconsidrate to those with special needs. i can say this, no i do not have a child with ADHD or anyhting else like that. but i can feel for those who do and how you just torn them down for what you say about them. you have no right to judge them or anyone else,and you have no right to sit there and pretty much say that the parents that are raising these children are abusive, that is just stupid and you need to learn how to respect people.putting your children on medications the first chance you get is abusive and thats how i see it. you are putting things in their systems that will in the long run ruin them. i have a very deep feeling my child is an "Idigo Child" all b/c i have to deal with the struggles that my 10 month old goes through everyday. yes, 10 months is very young, but thats when it usually starts is when they are young. im not going to explain the things that my dear child goes through on a daily basis b/c frankly it is none of your bussiness. the point i am trying to get across, is maybe you need to open you mind to further things. also it is a proven fact that we do not use a 100% of our brains andtime in our lives. maybe this is the breakthrough. maybe our children will be smarter and highly intelligent b/c we do change just like the world around us changes. and for all the parents that were blessed with a child like this. you are very important. you brought this child into this world and you are raising your child the way you should. our children is the next generation and they are smart and intelligent and we should all be very proud of that. our children our going to be the ones to save all you people out there and this world. all is said.
hopefully everyone can understand me!

if anyone would like to contact me please feel free. i am open to anyone and anything.
[email protected]


Interesting, isn't it, the way these self-described exceptional beings have trouble with concepts like capitalization, punctuation, paragraphing, spelling, and grammar.

Oh wait, I forgot--they don't need this mundane knowledge: they're SPECIAL!

not sure

Emma is it? Well I was in a rush last night and that is why there are so many mess ups. Anyways, besides the point. How can you be so immature about things like that? I mean seriously didn't your parents teach you anything? Like respect maybe! I think not, maybe you should get some help for that. If I had ever the chance to meet you in person I would just laugh in your face. You are talking about a 10 month old child and myself how ignorant can you possible be? I hope that God has blessed you in some way or another. Because personally, you need some serious mental help.

not sure

Emma is it? Well I was in a rush last night and that is why there are so many mess ups. Anyways, besides the point. How can you be so immature about things like that? I mean seriously didn't your parents teach you anything? Like respect maybe! I think not, maybe you should get some help for that. If I had ever the chance to meet you in person I would just laugh in your face. You are talking about a 10 month old child and myself how ignorant can you possible be? I hope that God has blessed you in some way or another. Because personally, you need some serious mental help.

victoria pearson

well at last the divine feminine energy codes are fully activated,no longer shall mother earth submit to the oppressive tyrancy of the patriacal system,i wish you all the luck ,and may you fill yourselves with the light of christ conscioussness that has poured intself into starchild celia fenn..

Morty McNutt

It's interesting. It seems all of these Indigoian kids are from white, upper-class, educated suburbs.
So the great Mr. Indigo in the sky (thier parents God) hates poor minorities?
I thought so.
This indigo crap is just that, crap. LET YOUR KIDS BE KIDS FOR CHRISTS SAKE!!!!

yeah right

It's all the lead in the modern day diet


Sigh, it's really sad that people are such skeptical jerks, and the fact that people resort to swearing to prove their points only proves their arrogance and blindness to their own ignorance.

Sure, indigo children may be a fad.
But prove to me or explain why these children are "advanced" beyond the norm.
Why are these children hardwired differently?
Maybe indigo is the only explanation created as of yet. So, maybe you should put forth a more believable thesis then.


Also, just to be a jerk/who I really am/"InDiGoOo"::

Capslock is cruise control for cool, apparently.
If you read all of the comments really fast it makes it sound like you're on drugs.

THEN the indigo people ARE really humans and THEN they...
Really people?
Capitalizing every important word when there's a bold tag?

Learn how to use the internets or kindly gtfo.


These foo-foo flaky new age freaks are going to worship their jacked up kids right into the American "correctional" system with all their delusional upbringing. Personality disorders breed personality disorders, I suppose.


Reading through all the negativity and skepticism about Indigo children and being personally in touch with them I am glad that they chose their families and associates with care and have abilities to sense negativity and danger. But then I do realise that most of the writings comes from a place of deep pain and ignorance of the writers and is reflective of the fear and inexplicable jealousy of things and people we do not understand.
I do not know about ADD children and cannot pretend to speak for them. But I do know from experience about these gifted children and their challenges in life. I do understand their compassion and unwillingness to judge anyone. I do understnd from living with them that some souls can be younger and yet way more advanced and I have watched them lead older ones to make positive changes in their lives. I have realised that they carry enormous responsibility and sometimes get frustrated and our role is to help them become what they are meant to be.It is true that many have become disillusioned and turned to drugs because they did not have a support system. In times past,they were possibly kept awayas deformed or killed as witches.Bringing them up calls for openness and total dedication and focus from the parent and the knowledge that each human being is unique and must be helped to become the best that they can be. I do hope that at one time you find it within yourself to affirm people. Again if you consider that eachgeneration is better than the preceeding one you will not doubt but be humbled. One just has to watch and listen to America has talent and similar shows and understand the evolution we are going through. Then you understnd that Jackson and Whitney would not have been much in the current generation. If we can believe Darwin's theories then surely we can allow oursleves to believe in this evolution of man and God's different ways of communication and not destroy ourselves through negativity and narrow mindedness. We would instead be humbled and proud to be part of a generation ushering in change and we will automatically change with these children.

We would perhaps witness the onder of an allrounder child in school who can be on top of her class but still lead a revolution and pick up the sick and animals all in one go. We would thank God for the same children who are able to help their friends and counsel them and keep them out of harm's way.We would perhaps appreciate the gifts and links to the universe and their account of history and scripture that is so accurate complete with names and their understnding of disease and human anatomy more than their teachers.Then you would understnd the reliance of the teahcers on these children and how burdened they get and frustrsted as a result.

It is tough to cope with immense talent but with such negativity we will destroy the best among us and what a pity that would be. Except that with the clock moving fast forward and the universe working with them it wont happen and instead we need to support and work with them.


People who are so closed minded as to not even give merit to another, considerably more peaceful concept are complete morons

Account Deleted

I would just like to respond to Victoria Pearson and to anyone assuming that "Western" (American?) education is oppressive that they ought to consider the reality of "Eastern" (where?) education systems. I am currently an English language kindergarten teacher in South Korea and my sometimes-less-than 4 year old kindergarten students are in school literally every day that I am -- I get 10 vacation days a year plus probably 9 days off for national holidays. High school students have similarly few breaks and generally go to school and academy from 8 in the morning until 12 at night. I have friends from India who say it's about the same there. By comparison my American education seems extremely supportive of individuality and creativity, and allowed me plenty of free time and leeway to discover personal interests without a lot of pressure, so I am not sure where this "East" is that is the supposed antithesis of our "Oppressive Western System." Of all places I've partially experienced, I think Europe might be the most lax as far as time in school and emphasis placed on critical thinking rather than memorization, but there is no perfect system and each has its pluses and minuses.

It seems clear that all students are different, have different interests and learn in slightly different ways. To claim holistically that any child's learning methods are better than others' is impossible. As a teacher, it would be unethical and unwise for me to try to make that kind of judgment: I have bright students who can't sit still and rarely finish their work and bright students who always finish their work quickly and efficiently, students who can't wait to talk and students who are always quiet but speak well when they do talk. That being so, children need guidance.

I (and most other teachers, I would assume) try to give my students time and opportunity to think creatively and be individuals, however, it is also my responsibility to make sure they learn what they need to learn and create a good environment where they can learn. In other words, I must create and enforce behavior rules and address behavior problems. I can't allow some students to be individual all the time in ways that limit other students' ability to be individual.

Children are people, so of course they have their own ideas about things, they are individuals, they can think and come up with their own insights, I agree that age is not necessarily a limiting factor, but they also need to be taught how to exist in the world, how to share, how to be responsible, etc.

I wonder sometimes about diagnoses of ADHD, as it does seem that some problems might be addressed instead by adjustments in response and incentive by authority, but I don't know enough about it to speak accurately. I do, however, think the idea of "indigo children" is foolish and unhealthy. To me it seems an invention by American bourgeois parents who do not need to worry that their children will be educated enough to live well.


Hey! I hope your day is off to a good start, my has been pretty good so far hhaaha !here are some good tips for moms and Dads who have kids at the driving level and have ADHD Don't let them drive unless they are on their meds! This is one thing I would have never thought of. We give our son the weekend off of his meds. Will now we are going in a different direction with this, because he is 12 and will be going down that road soon and we think he should be on his meds while driving. We as parents know that our kids with ADHD are very impulsive, so think about how he or she would be behind the wheel without meds. Then theres a question of what about the kid who is not on meds. ? Every person who is ADHD is at a different level, not all kids need meds. I would have to say that is up to the parents to make that choice. Our child needed meds . So when the time comes for driving No meds ,No car will be our new weekend rule. It might save his life or someone else.I would love to hear some input from people out there ! Cheers

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