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Thursday, January 26, 2006



I came across a few years back and I still admire today (

I had my younger daughter, age 16 using their advice column. I was first sceptical about allowing my daughter to use something online but later I felt more comfortable that she could receive confidential advice and she only had to talk about things she wanted to. The website had other teenagers like herself giving her advice. Although it is not your professional therapist giving your daughter advice, I like the fact she can get advice from someone online anonymously through the Peer-Peer Advice Counselling.

My daughter really found the advice column helpful. She in fact decided to volunteer later on as one of the peer-peer advice counsellors. I was proud to see that. also has a column where teen creativity is encouraged by having the poetry column. Teen poems are published and other teens can read them. These poetrys can be 'rated' out of 5 stars by people who read them. This is a neat idea.

The others features they have on the website are the usual features other teen sites have like e-cards service, etc. But somehow, I found the e-pals service to be a bit unique.

I would definitely say the website deserves 4.5 stars out of 5. It is worthwhile checking out.



I completely agree. Social Networks are like swimming pools, they can be dangerous but at the same time if kids have the resources and knowledge to be safe than its ok. I know these comments are from a few months ago but i wanted to share an article that recently came out about MySpace partnering with National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and Cybertipline to make the social network a little safer for teens.

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