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Sunday, March 26, 2006


Steve Sherlock

Excessive, indeed. There is no need for such excess. My youngest is a senior this year and her senior banquet dress was less that $100. She looked simply charming. Doing it right for less can be done, if you want to.


Great post, Liz! I can't believe what has happened to parents' concept of what children need---or rather what the parents feel they must have for themselves.
During my life and especially in the last 25 years children seem to be just another way for people to define themselves and compete with others. So sad. It's one more manifestation of the emptiness in a life without unfulfilled desires, struggle and a with a relentless focus on aquisition rather than ideals.
Thanks for the vivid reminder.


I'm still trying to process this. All I can think is that I didn't spend that much on my WEDDING GOWN!!! It's just insane to think of H.S. students and their parents spending that kind of money on one night.

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