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Friday, April 14, 2006



Hi Liz- thanks for taking the time to analzye this from a different perspective. I'm responding to your post. I'm also including this response on my blog.

I understand and appreciate what you are trying to say. Perhaps it all was just a misunderstanding and I jumped the gun a bit. But if that truly is the case, I'd like to think you, I, or anyone else would not have to speculate about his intentions. He would come here and made them clear himself.

Until then, I have to assume what I interpreted was not far from the truth.

Dick Dalton

You're pretty much on, Liz, as usual. and I did go ahead and visit Janet, as well as put in my own version of an apology on my own site. Don't know if she'll read that or not. I try not to engage in too much name calling, but it isn't easy being a dick and all!LOL!

The ABA part of your post was spot on, too. For some reason it seems to be incredibly difficult to communicate to people how and why to use this, much less explain what it is and what it isn't. That's a REALLY good example of when and where people talk past each other. I may extend this on my own at some point, since I'm due for a good ABA post.


Am not clear...exactly what did the "miscommunication" - as you put it - between Dick and Janet, have to do with you?

Oh, I suppose I should clarify: Could your point have been made without dregging up a situation that has NOTHING to do with you personally?


Doesn't have anything to do with me. Has to do with the subject of "presuppositions" and online communications, both of which are interests of mine.

One of the things I do is connect, or finish the circle.

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