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Wednesday, April 05, 2006



While this does not explain how to fake such disabilities. I believe there are people who deny having them yet still somehow succeed.

The learning disability affected my performance throughout school, essential building blocks of motivation, hard work, critical thinking were deprived because of this frustrating chemical imbalance, overall impacted the ability to socialize, forging complete introversion as a normative behavior.

Just when I reached adult age I started taking Adderall, I could maintain a focus and it also helped with depression/lack of motivation.

I want to do my trigonometry homework now but the complexity of reading the paragraphs before the exercises need to be re-read over and over, precious time is wasted.

And while drinking 4 cups of coffee/staying up the whole night has helped me finish two pages no problem- I fear having to repeat it. However, I do believe change in climate and temperature relates to the depression, too cold/warm days make me want to lie down all day.

These are almost impossible to avoid- probably global warming. They cannot be compensated for and I resort to distracting tasks because I cannot focus.

If I could give anything to be normal I would, if it means being successful for once.

All I can do are things of small and maybe trivial complexity.


but how do i fake it???????

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