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Monday, April 17, 2006



"Ruth's syndrome" doesn't sound all that uncommon to me, especially the part about sports. I know many low muscle tone/clumsy kids who are great athletes. And perhaps it's not a coincidence that many of them are skiers. When I learned to ski recently, I looked up at the black diamond trails and thought, "So-and-So goes on THAT? So-and-So, who constantly steps on my feet and bumps into desks? So-and-So who can't muster the postural control to sit up at her desk?" There's a dissertation in this, I think.

Mimi Thurston

Mother of a Dyslexic 14 year old.
We've begun a new Parents Group for Advocacy.
Educating ourselves on IDEA, IEP Implementation, 504, Spec Ed, Title I, all the fun stuff. They don't tell us and it is not parent friendly. We are doing it ourselves and feel Empowered.
PASS -Parents Advocating for Student Success
Durango, Colorado


Liz, as an educator myself, I really appreciated your sharing this summary as well as the link to the original article. I feel strongly that our schools need to educate all students and meet their individual needs, regardless of the student's particular challenges.

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