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Thursday, April 13, 2006


Koan Bremner

Liz, rest assured, I return your regard! :-) Your kindness, consideration and practical advice, particularly since my surgery, have touched me deeply - so, be in no doubt.

I confess, I wasn't aware that blogs which are listed at BlogHer are now being placed in just one category - so I've no idea whether Julie's predicament is an anomaly, or one of many. I know that when I listed *my* blog, I *only* listed it as a "personal" blog - because that's what it is. Despite the fact that I'm a Contributing Editor for Feminism and Gender, I didn't list mine *as* a "feminism and gender" blog - because despite being a feminist, I don't write about feminism on my personal blog - pretty much for the reason you mention here.

Soon after starting to blog, I knew I wanted to cover a range of subjects - technical, non-technical, social, personal, music, motorcycles, mental health, insomnia and gender are examples - and I decided not to get too bent out of shape about categorising me, them or the blog. Because, in the end, how *I* categorise something is really only relevant to one person - me. If someone else takes particular value from something I've written and posted, the only categorisation (if any) that should be important to them is their own.


Oh, I agree with Koan about the relevance of categorization only to myself...and I really don't care one whit about the BlogHer blogroll(s). It was just a crappy week for me in which I was getting hit on three or four different fronts by people who couldn't think outside the box and kept me in their little square place.

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