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Thursday, April 20, 2006



Yes, Paul was a very close friend of mine and I dont appeciate typing in his name and comming to this site! It happend and it done with and I know that he wouldnt like to see his name everywhere over a mistake he made! The whole word does not need to know of the reason of his death or of the people involved, he made a mistake and he payed a terrible price for it. But should he still be having to pay the price from the grave with it being adveritsed pretty much on this site. I would very much appericate if you would remove this off this site and find a different way to inform about things like this!!! This is not the way kids need to learn not to do drugs or drink, the way they need to learn is differnt this will only upset thm not teach them


I was doing a google search on dear friend Paul, and I came upon this web site. I know that it is good to inform teens & kids about what can happen of drinking. I also know that this informs everyone about what happened. But Paul always told me that if he was to die that it would happen and that should be the end of it. I know that he wouldn't want this on your site. So can you please do a favor for me and take this off. Do it for him. He wouldn't like that to be on here. I know this site is to inform, but Paul isn't the only one you can use to inform, AND there was another boy umm named JONATHON HUDSON...who died by drinking...yes he feel over the boat but if he wouldn't have been drunk then mabey it wouldn't have happend...SOOO...Please take this off your site. If you don't I will have to inform his family about this AND i know they would not appreciate it...So thanks for taking in my concerteration...Sincerly,
A close friend of Paul...and...A speaker for him since he is no loner with us to speack upon his self!


Paul was my cousin and I miss him dearly. I moved from TN when i was little so I only got to see Paul during the summer. But when i lived in TN Paul and I were close.
I believe that this article is not offensive. I believe he would want other kids to learn from his mistake and this is one step closer to doing so. It was very hard to lose my cousin and I would hope no one else would have to go through that. He was a good cousin, grandson, brother, and friend. as part of his family I don't believe this would upset the family at all. People need to be aware these things happen, as tragic as they are, its real.
RIP Paul F. Kuhn
Gone But Never Forgotten

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