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Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Mrs. Bog

Bog Jr. has been in sped since k'garden when they id-ed him with a specific learning disability in reading and writing.

I remember his reg. ed 4th grade teacher lamenting, 'why don't they teach him to READ?' (she was speaking of the sped dept.)

We had Bog Jr. tested outside the system. They suggested phonics and the sped teacher, while reviewing the report said, 'Oh, yeah, I should probably bring in some phonics for him.'


So after realizing that sped had done nothing much all those years from k-4 I taught myself phonics (I was of the Dick and Jane, look and say, generation) and taught him myself. (The sped staff had a 100% turnover the next year and then Bog Jr. was off to middle school.)

Bog Jr. finally became an 'okay' reader in 7th grade.

He is in regular ed and we were doing okay. We have hit a glitch this quarter with deconstructing literature. So Mom is back on the case (having to reread The Pearl -what a depressing book!) and Bog Jr. and I are back in the trenches. :-)

Bruce Eisner

I like this blog a lot

Mrs. Bog

Goooooood morning!
We just bought Sparks notes for The Pearl as I found out Bog Jr. was not answering the daily questions in LA. They were reading To Kill a Mockingbird. I also found that Wikipedia has summaries of books online. I looked up The Pearl and decided the overwhelming depressing aspect of the book is why I gave over no braincells to remembering it!
We tried Dragon when Bog Jr. was in fourth grade and the computer could not understand his childish voice. He is a fine typist now, due to being a computer programming geek though I bet Dragon would do a better job with spelling than he does....

He just took our state's Pass or Don't Graduate test. His class '08 is the first class held to the standards. We find out mid June if he passes. They have four chances to pass in this state. I REALLY hope we don't have to deal with this test carnival. Bog Jr. says he is pretty sure he passed. He accepted no accommodations with it, not that there were that many available for him - they kept changing the rules along the way and never communicated them to us. :-)

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