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Monday, May 22, 2006


Joel Sax

That paragraph by Pete Pochowski strikes me as a jump. Bullying by parents against kids who are bullying their children stems from parents not wanting to deal with poor performance reports? It sounds like he is trying to hitch a car to a train going in a different direction there.


I really wonder if the present climate created in the US over the past few years, between terrorist attacks and multi-front wars and brutally fought, disrespectful elections is catching up to all of us. I remember a coworker being reduced to tears by a parent that she'd successfully worked with for a year and a half - the parent later apologized, saying that she'd been under so much stress, specifically mentioning the Iraq war as one of them. At the time I thought it sounded ridiculous, but now I really wonder. I noticed a huge jump in anxiety and dissatisfaction in both my kids and my parents right after Hurricane Katrina. I think some people feel like their lives are a constant battle and are always prepared to fight.

Joel Sax

I certainly believe in the stress caused by news events. It's been well documented, for example, that Americans were numbed after the 9-11 attacks. Lisa's depiction of Americans feeling like they are engaged in a constant battle and that they have to be ready to fight at all times rings true.

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