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Wednesday, May 31, 2006




Thanks for this cite; I would never have found it on my own, though I've followed this "scientific" program since it's inception in the neuroscience community in the late 1990s. Can we really say Hooray for science, though, when the product is still being marketed as the "neuroscience approach to reading intervention." I believe in the potential for neuroscience of interventions (I do research similar to the originators of the FastForward, though in vision, not hearing), but this particular enterprise, which rapidly got wrapped up in business/marketing/and the internet IPO craze embarrases me.


John Kerins

The evidence for Fast ForWord is clear and well documented.

There is nothing in the method that is sensational or irregular. Anybody who deals with people with language difficulties and struggling readers will recognise the principles of language acquisition that are applied. Equally the method employs an intensive and frequent protocol which is generally accepted in education circles as good practice.

Yes avoid the hype and by the way Scientific Learning pay royalties to the the universities who originated the research.

Keep an open mind there are a lot of children who need help.

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