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Thursday, May 11, 2006



Oh, man. These people are crazy. I'm off to read your links.

Wesley Fryer

Whoa, you've really covered a lot of ground here. Thanks so much for the links! Good blog posts include links to background info, and you've posted a good course syllabus here! :-)

This is what really caught my eye on this reported GOP subgroup agenda: "Requiring teachers to pass a periodic competency test to ensure they are current in their subject." Can we do the same thing for policymakers? Who do these people think teachers are, anyway? And why are so many people out to demonize teachers and make our jobs harder than they already are? How many of these politicos have their own children in private schools? This stuff makes my blood pressure rise.....

Christopher Harris

What a fascinating combination of subjects you are discussing here. And what great coverage of the latest from "those who wish to keep us safe."

I love the quote about findng out "the country is on the 'wrong track'" in the face of current political polls. I guess what we need to do is start working towards November and making sure everyone who really is 18 and on MySpace votes in the upcoming elections.

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