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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Liz, I don't recall seeing what consider the best text about teaching reading on the list of texts examined in this study. It's D. Carnine, J. Silbert, E. Kame'enui, and S. Tarver and it's called "Direct Instruction Reading. That's the one that people should get.

Reg Adkins

Those are some pretty generic and homogenized statments. Many colleges do an excellent job of preparing teachers. However, don't expect just any university to be able to produce great teachers. Teaching is as specialized a skill as engineering or the medical field. Until that realization takes hold and frightening things like lateral entry are put to rest, don't expect great improvement in education. Skills tests for teachers are a joke. You would be better off completing extensive psychological assessments to find teachers. The truth is teaching is more about instilling the desire to learn and explore than it is about putting facts,skills and strategies into childrens minds.

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