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Thursday, May 11, 2006



I find this fascinating. Typing and walking? Computing while exercising? Any problem keeping your keys on the keyboard?

And fwiw, I think your "heinie" looks fine already. :)


Of course, by "keys" what I really meant was "fingers" ... doh!


No problem keeping the fingers on the keyboard, as I'm walking so slowly--but I am making more typos. Also I feel a bit dizzy when I first get off the treadmill, like you do when you get off a boat.

And thanks! Flirting is fun.


0.7 miles is the same speed that the doctor at the Mayo clinic (the one who came up with the idea) also uses. I can imagine reading at that speed, but reading things online is harder. I can imagine writing (with difficulty), but imagining typing is harder. Still, all the others do type at this speed, so I imagine you will as well.

Kristina Chew

I've dropped my iPod while running, how do you secure a laptop?!!!?

Happy Mother's Day, to a great mom and an inspiring blogger!


Hello, fellow treadmill desker! Just curious how it's working out for you. Please feel free to check out my blog about my walking desk experiences and leave me a comment about how your desk is working. Thanks -- V.

David Montgomery

Hi, I've recently put together my first walking desk, and I'm loving it. At 1.1 mph, I can still type and read my PC monitor quite effectively! The only bad part for me is that my NordicTrack C2050 seems to have a built-in 'immediate halt' feature that kicks in as soon as the treadmill reaches 100 continuous minutes of use (the time display only has two-digits for minutes). Since I'm walking 8+ hours a day at work, this is happening to me more frequently than I would like... Has anyone else using a NordicTrack as their walking desk platform had a similar problem?


I recently got a product called The Net Runner for $99 from which accomplishes the same thing for those of us who are not so crafty or too lazy to make one ourselves...

Josh Simms

The WalkStation I have been reading about works but at $6500, it better. The concept is simple really. We are built to walk, not sit. Combine that with all the medical studies showing that walking reduces your chances of contracting just about every major health ailment it is a no brainer we should be doing more. But when? Who has the time? That is the beauty of a treadmill desk. I found one at www.trekdesk called the TrekDesk that will much more affordable and even incorporates an exercise ball chair so you don't need an additional desk and chair in your office. Cool!


This sounds so interesting.

How many hours a day are sitting, on average? Please respond.


just hit the 75 mile mark on my desk. I love it!!

Jeff E

I found a treadmill shelf called surfshelf at Looks like the cheapest and easiest to use shelf i've found. And on their website they have links to a website called where you can watch tv while you're walking or running. I think I'll try it... i'll post again once I receive it.


I found that bracing your laptop against the treadmill made it vibrate more than I thought was healthy. So I put boards between two facing bookcases, velcro'd a wireless keyboard on the lower one, put the laptop on a rectangular board screwed into the upper board, with small braces to keep it from slipping off. Then I velcro'd a small harddrive and a tiny lamp on the board beside the laptop. A printer on a table to the left, a small TV and radio on a shelf to the right, and I was set. Other shelves are perfect for paper, disks, desk supplies, etc.

Bicycle Trailers

I had been searching on yahoo for sites about exercise and biking when this posting showed up in the results. While not actually what I was seeking for it was really worthy of the a study and for that I would allow it four stars.

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