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Wednesday, June 14, 2006



Penises always get lots of hits on Google. Even when they're mentioned in relationship with a truly bizarre trial.



Hi there,
Whoa this blog is awesome. So much excellent information in one place! I am going to read some more:)

Norbert Young

Its interesting Judge Thompson said he cannot get a fair trial in Creek County. He of all people should know.

Norbert Young

This story gets weirder and stranger every day. I cant believe the good people of Creek County arent at the courthouse doors with pitchforks and torches!

Pegy J. Chartrand

This is a travesrey of power play in a small town Amrica, Sheriff Wahl thinks he's bigger than than thd law. Peggy Chartrand

Peggy J. Chartrand

This is a travestrey of justisy
How can anyone think one can do this in front of people and get away with this insane behavior. Judge Tjhompson is not in that catgory.Politics are so dirty but he was such a friend of the town his education as a lawyer and in the legislature. Ugly Power Play. Why? Politics

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