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Saturday, June 03, 2006



Thanks for having my post on "the types of parents" on your blog. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was listed on the KCET's site.

The list that I've come up with for the type of parents are actually from the parents that I've encountered/met. Pretty scary to know they really do exist, huh?!

We don't pretend to be the "perfect" parents...but I expect my children to have some respect, kindness, and good work ethics from our upbringing.

KCET Editor

I just wanted to thank you for helping spread the word about the KCET Life & Times blog! We really do appreciate it and think that your blog rocks and is full of information. Thank you again!


why are parents so annoying the never belive a word that you say!? help!


I love my parents, but they constantly hassle me about videogames. I have a job and don't play it that much. But my mom always calls downstairs, "hon, I think you should turn off the game and come upstairs". I'm so pissed. And then my mom hassles me about the games being so violent. First of all games are just an interest of mine. Second, I am not going to go out and shoot somebody. Then my mom tries to get all emotional and then when my dad sees her crying he gets mad at me. Last they talk about half an hour behind my back about how much improvement I need and how I need to be organized and responsible. I have a freakin job and I pay for my own car!


god, yes i luv my parents and all but they annoy me so much sumtimes i just feel like packing my bags!
they never listen 2 me, 4 example ui am 13 years old & i want to start going in2 town with my m8s but they wont even listen to me when i bring up the subject they pull the old "o i dnt want u hanging around places like that unsupervised and u hav plenty of time 2 do that wen your older" & when i say that most of the other people in my school go to town with there m8s on there own all they say is"o i bet if u asked around half of your frends would say they wernt allowed either" when wil they get it in2 there heads that i am 13 AND GROWN UP! i think its time for them to accept that this is the 21ST CENTURY and that times hav changed since they wer young! and its not only this its everything i want to do! they say i am not ready for most things but i wonder is it me thats not ready or them! if they dont let me grow up soon i may end up doing sumtin i l8r regret! x

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