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Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Hi--Glad I found your blog. I used to read Unintelligent Design (Clark Bertram). However he's limited his blog to invited readers. Any idea how I can contact the author?

Thanks--and great blog!

Ricky Mat -If Lenz's law is true  Homeopathy is fraud

Here is a big joke
Homeopaths states that aggravation happens because the symptom was hidden in the body and when the homeo medicine was taken by the patient the symptom came out.
Here is the joke
When Homeopath researcher who was doing the proving for a homeo medicine used for madness he took the medicine and found lot of madness came out was hidden and he took more
Dose of the medicine and found that more madness came out.
His fellow researchers also tried the medicine the took the medicine and found
That lot of madness came out and to become more sure they took more and more
Dose and found more and more madness came out
And then they decided now it is the time to declare this medicine can be used for madness.
Are they mad or cheater?

Another joke
One very renowned Homeopath claimed that aggravation is sign of healing.
He stated that the body throws the symptom?
Where does it through inside the body or outside the body?
If it troughs out side the body so the body should not feel it is gone.
So it troughs inside the body.
From where does it take the symptom? from inside the body
So it takes the symptoms from inside the body and troughs inside the body
See how fraud this homeopaths are. How fraud their claims are
If aggravation is sign of healing then what is the sign of healing?

Homeopathy is false and it is a fraud and crime
I am giving one proof
1)Lenz's law
Lenz's law states that any induced electromotive force will be in the direction such that the flux it creates will oppose the change in the flux that produced it.
It says that the system behaves in such a way that the effect is minimized but never says that
The reaction to the action exceeds the action itself therefore
The claim by the homeopaths that opposite reaction of the Mechanical force(which is cause by some form of induction according to them)
Creates vital force and and Mechanical force go way But Vital force(curing force) does not go so the body heals

If homeopathy has to work it has to work on the basis of induction
which would never bring good effect which the Homeopaths(Actually the most sophisticated cheaters in the world)

Homeopathy is totally baseless and false
If Lenz's law and Physics is true Homeopathy is false

Dr. Nancy Malik

Homeopathy cures where Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

Dr. Nancy Malik

Homeopathy (Micro Doses Mega Results) cures even when Conventional Allopathic Medicine (CAM) fails

Dr. Nancy Malik

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Dr. Nancy Malik

Homeopathy is non-toxic system of medical science originated in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) (the founder and father of homeopathy). He was M.D. in conventional medicine. The term “homoeopathy” was coined in 1807.

The four fundamental principles of Homeopathy are: -

1. Law of similars/Like cures like (1796): Disease can be cured by a medicinal substance given in micro doses that produces similar symptoms in health people when given in large doses.

2. Law of minimum dose (1801): Since the homoeopathic medicines act at a dynamic level, only a minute quantity of the medicine is administered which is enough/sufficient to stimulate the dynamically deranged vital force/innate healing powers to bring about the necessary curative change in a patient

3. Law of simplex (1810): At any given time, only one remedy can be the exact similar to the presenting disease condition of the patient. So a single remedy (one remedy at a time) is given based upon their constitution/totality of the symptoms which includes physical, mental, and emotional aspects/symptoms.

4. Hering’s law of five directions of cure (1845): Cure progresses from above downwards, from within outwards, center to periphery, from more important organ to less important one, in reverse order of coming of the symptoms

Dr. Nancy Malik

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Law of minimum dose is bunk - there is practically no chance of ingesting a single molecule of the supposed active ingredient in a homeopathic remedy.


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