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Saturday, July 29, 2006



This is a great bit.
But to me, the sad part is,Tourbus probably just posted something they found listed elsewhere. It is amazing how many articles I find that are just rewriting someone elses work. And without even checking out the value of the work they copy.
I find my stuff posted in a lot of strange places (I know you do too) and I know the publisher hasn't checked out my work because they haven't contacted me and I don't usually post my sources in my pieces.

Steve Harmon

(I realize that is quite an old post, but I stumbled across it and thought I would leave a response for other passersby).

Actually Dale's Cone of Experience remains a valid and valuable representation of learning and media, particularly when matched with other developmental theories of learning (i.e. Bruner). What you are speaking against (the 10% of what they read, etc) is not and has never been a part of Dale's orignal work (as you mention yourself). Even Thalheimer notes that he is addressing "a bastardization of Dale's work."
So be cautious of condemning Dale's Cone when the argument is actually against something else.

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