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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



My child attended Oakland school for Dyslexia. The school has a nice campus in Boyds Tavern, Virginia. We spent over 1/4 Million attending this school. When we complained that your child was developing a general dislike for school and that there was a bully to the director of the school.

The director responded to us, "I am not going to change anything. If you do not like your child being here you can leave."

Well we left the school, and are homeschooling our child. It is GREAT. Our child is getting 1:1 teaching and is learning and loving school for the first time ever. Oakland is a very expensive school and the student will be behind in all subjects after attending.






There are a couple more schools in Atlanta:
Sophia Academy
The Swift School
Atlanta Speech School (Wardlaw School)

karen Clark

The Odyssey School is in Baltimore Maryland and is an amazing school open since 1991.


Currey Ingram Academy in Brentwood Tennessee is an amazing school as well.

Debbie G

I am looking for a school for Dylexia in or near Knoxville, TN. I don't see anything here! Help! My son is 17 and in desperate need! I have done many short-term things with him, but he is struggling terribly in High School. Can you recommend a school? Thank You!


Our daughter attended the Hillside School in MacCungie, Pa and Greengate School in Huntsville, Al. Both are outstanding! Our daughter is now in 7th graden in public and doing wonderfully.
Highly recommend both schools.

Karen Norton

My son is in 7th grade there is 2 boarding schools that i think would do wonders for him I cannot afford the 46 thou plus, are there any grants or scholorships for him, he struggles terrably with his dyslexia. I live in so florida. there's really not much in the way of a good school for dyslexia.

Karen Dylla

Hi, I recently moved To Toano Virginia, from New Jersey where our son Jonathan attended a private school. The Lewis School in Princeton. However, our public schools of James City County feels at an "adminastrative level" Jonathan belongs in a class with physically handicaped children. However he has dyslexia, with auditory, and visual processing delays. Please someone give me an answer to my prayers. I need some help. At this present time we are into our 3rd week of school and our son is still not placed properly.


zuly weiss

Karen where do you live in south Florida? There is a first - 8th grade school called, McGlannan School. A high school called Gulliver Pinecrest. I have two children with dyslexia. my email is


I am considering all options for high schools in New England/ mid Atlantic states for a teen with dyslexia. Does anyone have any strong positive experiences with any schools located in this area? Tks

Catherine  Finn

I just want to put my head down and cry! I was told today that my dyslexic son does not qualify for special ed / resource. Does anyone know Arizona and good schools for dyslexics? Tks


I am looking for a school for my two sons one is 10 and the other is 13. I live in northeastern PA, right on the boarder of NJ. If anyone can please help us.


Jerri Twisdale

I have a 15 year old son in Wilmington, North Carolina that is dyslexic and
has lost his two older brothers in the last few years. I finally after trying several other schools ran out of money and I am homeschooling him in a Christian based program since Feb. of last year. I work full time for the post office as a temporary employee with no benefits and he needs so much more than I am able to give. Any response or information on anything close I could take him to check out and we could move if it meant him finding out where he needs to be. And yes he has had counseling for grief and did really great at a school in Waynesville, NC called SOAR Academy, he was gone for four months for one semester and loved it. Unfortunately I could not afford the $18,500.00/semester. Any info would be greatly appreciated. The counselors think he should be able to go away and do this on his own and it would help him achieve so much more as an adult. All I want is what every parent wants, for him to feel good about his life.

Kay Mastro

12/12/08 Proctor Academy in Concord, NH is an excellent school for dyslexics as well as children without disabilities. Check it out. It is a first class experiential and academic school.

Catharine Mastro

12/12/08 Proctor Academy in Concord, NH is an excellent school for dyslexics as well as children without disabilities. Check it out. It is a first class experiential and academic school.

J bonnel

I work at a school in Navato CA. and we have a great program that helps kids with dyslexia. We even have a teacher who teacher ASL (American Sign Language) to high school students so they can get the Language requirement they need.
The school is called North Bay Christian Academy. Ph 1-415 892-8921
E mail


I'm looking for a School in Wisconsin for kids or adult who are dyslexia

Please Help!!


The Bodine School is a great place for Dyslexic children in the Memphis Tn area. They are 1-8th grades. Are there any schools in the Chicago area or in Seattle?

Kathy Emery

Annie: If you live in the Madison, WI area there are two schools for dyslexics:
Walbridge School, grades 1-8 (
Hope Academy, gr. 6-12 (

Susan Westbrook

I am a tutor and use the Orton-Gillingham approach with dyslexic students. I recently relocated from Hawaii and have my Wisconsin teaching license and presently work at Sylvan Learning Center. Are you in the La Crosse area? I will be taking on students soon. I have taught for 12 years and worked at a school for dyslexic children in Hawaii along with private tutoring throughout these years.

Sue Westbrook

Susan Westbrook

There is a school for dyslexia in Hawaii - on the island of Oahu - down by Honolulu - called ASSETS school. I worked there for four and a half years - it is an excellent school and should be included in the list of schools on this site. I highly recommend this school. It has been in excistence since the 1950's and was originally started by military parents looking for help for their children. It is now run as a non-profit. This is an effective, well-established school that produces results.

Sue Westbrook

Lorie Thex

Sue, I live in Ashland, MT and I have a son who is dyslexic. Could you please tell me what program works to teach a dyslexic. I am in desperate need of what to do for my son. The public school has not been any help. They feel that it is only a behavior problem and have labeled my son lazy. He is getting very depressed and I don't know how to help him.

anne gray

my son has Dylexia and i am looking for a school in the Chicagoland area

Susan Westbrook

Sorry about such a slow response - I haven't checked this site in ages. The best approach to use with dyslexic students is the Orton-Gillingham approach which was developed by Samuel B. Orton (neurologist) and Anna Gillingham (teacher) to remediate and teach basic phonics and language structure. It is important to go back and fill in the gaps in reading before moving back to grade level. I wish you luck finding a good tutor or school. Check the International Dyslexia Association website for referrals for tutors. Good luck finding help for your child. Keep the faith that he can learn - you just have to find the right tutor or school. Sue Westbrook

Charlena M. Freeman

Churchhill Academy in Montgomery, AL serves children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Charlena M. Freeman

My grandson with dyslexia attended Dore Academy in Charlotte, NC.


Bloomington Indiana has an excellent school for dyslexia and learning processing disorders called Pinnacle.

andrea birchwood

looking for school in hamden conneticutte that teach dyslexic


There is a wonderful school in Dallas, The Fairhill School, that uses the Alpha Phonics program for reading, taught by Academic Language Therapists. The courses are challenging and the school a good fit for dyslexic students. Marci


Anyone knows of OG-trained tutors/resources in NE GA or Western Carolina for high school student?

Lori Jones

I am a teacher/parent at a wonderful school for children(Grades 1-12) who learn differently. We our the Hutson School, and we are OG accredited, multisensory school located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Check us out! We are one, big family, and would love to meet you!

Willie Kyger

There is a fabulous school in Owings Mills, MD.. Jemicy School is strictly for Dyslexic students. It is from grade 1-8 and they also now have a high school. I highly recomend this school. My brothers all went there and now my son goes there. He loves loves loves school and doesn't want to miss it. Every one there is wonderful and I have truly fallen in love with it.

John Ramadan Bullen

can i see my results for international general certificate of secondary examinations IGCSE cambridge international exams in 2003

Cutrina Gallagher

I currently live in chesterfield va, my son is also has dylexia. I would like for my son to attend New Community School in Richmond Va, but we can't afford it. Does any one know how I could get the county to pay for his education. Thank you kindly.


Hi Cutrina. I also live in Virginia and am having similar problems finding a school and/or resources to help me pay for a private school that can better meet my needs. I have twin girls (age 13) and the school system has totally failed them. They are trying to play catch up now (started about a year ago), but unfortunately now they are so far behind it is hard to ever see them, at this rate, being where they should be in the public school setting. Were you provided with any information from your post that you would like to share? I also am looking at New Community School in Richmond for my girls. Would like to know if you have been successful so far. With the predicted upcoming budget cuts next year for our school district, I worry that special education could take a loss in services. Thanks for any input or info.

College Los Angeles

Thank you for this list, it is exactly what I have been looking for!

Stacy  - Tucson, Az

Turning Point School in Tuscon, Az was a great school! I went there for dyslexia and also sent my daughter to TPS for her dyslexia. But the Arizona state pulled out the funding, and the school had to close in 2008-2009. There isn't another school for dyslexics in Tucson.


My children attend a great school in Durango, CO. The Liberty School. We have a summer school for out of town people also. It is wonderful.

Michelle Salajcik

My son was just accepted into Assets for the upcoming school year.We are military and are looking for a way to help with the tuition. Do you have any suggestions as to where we could look?


Does anyone know of a good school in austin, tx besides the Rawson Saunders private school for dyslexic children in 6th grade? Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Marty Sweeney

There is a school in Stevenson,Maryland called The Odyssey School. It is a co-educational independent day school for students K-8th grade who have dyslexia or other language learning differences.
The Odyssey School
3257 Bridle Ridge Lane
Stevenson, Maryland 21153

Sheila Durden

Reading Boosters LLC in Georgia is an affordable solution that brings the quality of the Lindamood-Bell reading and comprehension programs to your home as a private one-on-one session.


We have a 13 year old articulate, tall, handsome young (fisher)man with serious dyslexia. Please offer any info on schools & tutors near the FAYETTEVILLE, NC, area. How do 'you' get your student to practice reading daily when they so disdain the activity?
Thank you for your suggestions.


Looking for a school for my 9 year old son in Austin, Texas

Elizabeth montgomery

I am looking for a school or home school program that my daughter could be in with her having a teacher or tutor. She is in 9th grade in high school in argyle, Texas. She is extreme dyslexia. We are sort-of live in the country, not close to anything. I was hoping that there is a school in Southlake or high village Texas.

Kildonan Private Dyslexia School

We greatly appreciate you listing us here. We hope more people begin to recognize dyslexia as something that must be approached with alternative teaching methods.

Looking for evidence

Do any of these schools provide parents with data demonstrating their effectiveness? I live in NJ where these private schools charge in excess of 30,000 per year. I would like to know how effective they are as a whole. My child attends the Craig school (for about a year now)but their data shows regression in math, stagnation/regression in reading, and improvement in writing. Not sure they will prepare her for HS.


I have twin girls, one has dyslexia the other epilepsy. They are in the 3rd grade. I can't understand why it is so difficult to find a school to help my child with dyslexia. We live in South Carolina and tuitions are unbelievable. Being a single mom its very hard. I am selling everything I own and am willing to move anywhere to help my children. Are there any public schools in this country that want to help these wonderful children?


I am looking for a school to help my son who was just diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD. I live in Suwanee, GA. There seems to be nothing in this area. Everything is far and VERY expensive. HELP.

My Name is Saeidah Colvin I live in Oakland Ca. My son attend school in Alameda ca. Am looking for hem a school that deals with teaching a child who haves Dyslexia. Can you please help me!


Does anyone know anything about Acacia Academy in La Grange Highlands, IL? My wife and I are going to relocate to find a school for my son. I have the ability (luckily enough) to be able to live anywhere in the US for my job.

Callie Mae

In San Jose, there is a resource: Bright Solutions.

Rachel Tranter

Could you add

Linda McDougald

Like Debbie G (August 3, 2008), I am also looking for a recommendation for a school that can help a Dyslexic child in the Knoxville Tennessee area. My friend's child has gone to public school for 7 years, is currently in 6th grade and receives regular tutoring, but is still struggling. He is at the point where is "hates" going to school and will soon be lost to learning. Please help this child change his future. Thanks for your help.

Linda McDougald

Suzanne Buchanan

Our daughter attends The Bodine School (near Memphis, TN). The school seems to be great! Unfortunately, we may have to move. We're looking for schools -- probably in the south Atlanta area. Most of the schools I've found so far are are in north Atlanta. Anything in the south Atlanta region? I would prefer the Orton-Gilliingham approach. Does anyone know anything about S.P.I.R.E.?

Liz Cherry

There is a wonderful school for exceptional dyslexic children in Austin Texas -- The Rawson -Saunders School specifically for elementary and middle school students with
Was just there visiting. Wonderful.


My daughter attends an absolutely brilliant school for children with Dyslexia. The Lewis School of Princeton has changed my daughter's life. I only wish someone would have shared this information with me many years ago. Years of IEP's, one on one's, pull-outs, resource rooms and smaller class sizes to no avail. The Lewis School teaches children with language based learning differences how to learn. They equip children with the tools they need to be successful on their own. It has changed the way my daughter views reading, writing and school in general!


All children qualify for special help from the pubilc school system if the are dx with Dyslexia. It is their right, and yours. Keep pushing for him to have an IEP plan. The plan does not always work but can be motified. I struggle with my son who has extreme dysleia, the IEP does not help him anymore.


i have no reading mlrboeps before or even now. the only thing is, I find it so hard to comprehend in reading complicated matters (like reading deep books, subjects math) i also often got this short term memory loss . like when i wanted to tell something and someone interferes, then in a second i forget what i am suppose to say. it's like my idea is fading away and I can't control it to stop. then it's all gone and i can't remember anything .. am i sick or am i just dumb and stupid?? PLS HELP!


Our family is so very indebted and thankful to The Kildonan School in Amenia, NY. They are a caring and inovative school for dyslexia & learning disabilities - the help and inspiration they gave to someone we love can never be put into words.

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