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Saturday, August 26, 2006


Kristina Chew

Perhaps they're being "protected" from getting educated.....


DOPA sucks. Dancergirl will not be able to access her own blog from school, which isn't a tragedy. However, she and a friend had the idea to start up a school newspaper which I thought was terrific. I suggested using and making it an E-zine, figuring that they'd use a free site, save paper costs and build readers outside of the MySpace space so that parents wouldn't flip out.

One problem: is blocked on school computers. So is Flickr, which means she can't use her Flickr account for images or anything online related to school. It also means I had to remove Flickr from the website I maintain for the marching band too.

This is all pre-DOPA. I can only imagine what they can't access post-DOPA. STUPID, stupid stupid.


I was frustrated when I assumed a new position in my district with the specific assigned task of finding ways to lower student suspension rates and address classroom management practices and discovered that many of the resources I use were blocked by our district filters. Faced with the task of developing staff development programs from the ground up and having them ready for presentation by the middle of September I found myself handicapped by the restriction of my access. I ended up doing much of the research from home. Now that I am "over the hump" so to speak, in my research the sites (including this one) have been cleared.
These are the things that can happen when knee jerk interventions such as banning all blogsites are placed into effect with out thinking through the effects.
However, I must applaud our district for having a policy in place which allows sites to be reviewed and included on an individual basis.

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