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Friday, September 29, 2006


tessa true

Racist overtones? Are you kidding me? That is what you chose to be outraged about? When you ask for P H Y S I C A L descriptions of people, race becomes an issue. Are we supposed to pretend that the majority of nanny employers (and therefore their children) are hispanic? How do you presume to know who is reporting on the nannies? I read a few from fellow nannies. I read about a gasp-white nanny who was being calmed down by her gasp black nanny friend. Let me ask you this, why do you presupposed that a person being identified should take issue with their skin color or ethnicity being described? Are you suggesting that I should be ashamed of my (black) skin? I am not a nanny and I would never mistreat a child so I don't run the risk of being outed on any like board but get over yourselved. You are on your knees kissing the butts of the politically correct of America. And being politically correct has nothing to do with how you actually treat someone or giving someone a fair break in life. It just means that you make sure you say what you think is the right thing- which is CLEARLY not the right thing. Stop feigning outrage on MY part. What about the two- yikes TWO Polish nannies that were outed on the board???? Nannies are of every ethnicity and every weight and many heights and haircolors. Let's not mince words just to make ourselves feel better, because that is what your purported outrage is all about right? Your need to feel better about yourself? By feigning outrage? I have no problem with my (dark) black skin. How dare you suggest I should.

B romoray

I agree with the poster above and frankly am shocked at Liz Henry's assessment. The blog asks for physical descriptions. White people are called white. Black people are called black. As relevant to their description. Racist?

My respect is fading for one of my favorite bloggers. Oh Liz. Oh Liz.

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