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Wednesday, November 29, 2006



Excellent! I will post the link to these articles on Schwablearning Parents Board. Thank you for finding articles like this that can inspire our dyslexic kids (and parents as well).



I met Richard Engel in Seville in 1994, he was a student at my university. I helped him with his Spanish and he helped me with my English.any ideas how could I get in touch with him?
thank you very much

Gabrielle Austen

What an intriguing and brave man.

Kathy Wakefield

I feel like I get the real story from Richard. He is fabulous and I trust what he says more than anyone else on TV. I realize what a dangerous position he puts himself in to get these stories and I appreciate that more than I can say. Thank you Richard for your dedication to this important task. Be safe.

toni torrence

kathy looking for you Toni Torrence facebook


Stanford university...great school!!!
loved being on the farm...
good job...Richard!!!!!!!!!!!

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