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Tuesday, November 21, 2006



It sounds rather like the task analysis that I used as part of ABA - breaking up the skill into manageable, observable behaviors and teaching kids each one, and charting their progress along the way.

John Lloyd

Ahh, Liz. What a treat. I just took a walk down memory lane and got all charged up again. I slapped together a post that supplements your fine work here. Thanks for the reminder.

Lisa's right. The overlap with ABA is substantial and not accidental. Og Lindsley studied with B. F. Skinner.

Dick Briggs

I was a Special Ed teacher in the 70's. Having left education and worked with computers that last 25 years and nearing retirement, I am developing a FREE website for reading based on Precision Teaching.

Dick Briggs

The link to the FREE website is

Richard McManus

GREAT! Glad you came across Precision Teaching. I am a VERY longterm practitioner and I am constantly amazed by the power and effectiveness of precision teaching. I would advise visiting a center or school that uses the technology as quickly as you can to see the impact of PT on children who some think will 'never learn to read' or 'won't read fluently' or the latest I have heard 'might read it but won't understand what he has read.'

While ABA is a cousin of PT, I would say that TAGTeach is a closer relation. More positive, more fluid and more free.

Thanks for mentioning our website!


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