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Wednesday, January 10, 2007


John Hayes

I think Dore has a point that eye/hand exercises and balance boards can help cognitive abilities. I believe this is true for both dyslexic and non dyslexic children and adults. It does not seem reasonable that as the world's population puts on weight and sees more weight related health problems that cognitive functions would be unaffected.

Rather than support Dore's costly program I think we should consider that an increase in recess and gym time would be helpful . I think it is time to accept that today's children's physical options have become more limited because of safety considerations and electronics are stealing their time and replacing physical activity. A fresh look at the equipment that is available for play could also be evaluated as to how beneficial it could be for both calories burned and mental stimulation. This could be done in a cost effective manner and benefit everyone.

anthony gunn

be a dyslexia toll you are cant do this or that


Just to note - the journal Dyslexia is peer reviewed.

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