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Sunday, January 21, 2007


vaspers the grate

Dang heck fire m'lady: I've been spanked at work by a co-employee, a female, who was below me.

I mean I was the First Assistant Manager at a well known large size men's garments retailer, and the witch who was the Second Assistant, and theoretically reported to me, she slapped my hand, several times.

She did it, repeatedly, sternly, happily, whenever I, as I was typing in numbers for a "till reconciliation" (to prevent employee theft, 3 per shift, per shift I say!) and would habitually use the number keys above the alpha keys, instead of her way, which was to use the key pad at the right.

I was also, at the same store, sexually assaulted, repeatedly, by the Manager Of The Store, a fat blonde 25 year old, whose husband was in a PA DOC facility, singing and exaggeratedly swaying erotically to early morning naughty hard dinosaur rock, playing extra loud the hour prior to unlocking the doors for the public, "he just said he wants to ___ in her, that's sex, etc."

She brushed her fanny to close to manny, and talked incessantly of her baby milkers. So we are talking about adults assaulting physically and sexually, other adults, in a professional work environment that faces the public.

One layer up, sexual harassing. One layer below, physical assault and insubordination.

I should write down the whole creepy thing.

You get here, as free user-generated content, the prelude to it, sparked by your remark on slap and bark.


I'm uncomfortable with the idea of criminalizing spanking, though I am opposed to it as a means of discipline in most circumstances. If one parent witnesses another spanking a child, is s/he obligated to call the police? Could a child be removed from the parents' care, or be given to the other parent in a custody case, and if so, isn't this just ammunition in divorce disputes?

Amy Y.

Gad. Why do people think it is okay to spank their kids? It's hitting! I have a litmus test for how I treat my kids- would I do it to a stranger at the grocery store? Would I do it to an adult friend? Would I do it to a coworker? If I answer "no" to any of the above then I sure as hell shouldn't be doing it to my kids. Maybe if we took the same tack regarding how we treat our kids as how we protect adults who are perfectly capable of defending themselves, we wouldn't have quite the messed up situation we have in this country. Just my .02. Yes, sometimes we have a visceral reaction- and the outcome of that is the child getting spanked. But we do it because it has been made okay to do it. As for diverting resources from real child abusers, well, I think it is a slippery slope. Alot of times, child abusers are just regular parents who don't know when to draw the line between their child and their anger. And, again, they think its okay because we allow it to be okay and then it goes too far. Okay, then there are some total wackos- but those are also the people who don't differentiate between stranges on the road, or someone in line at the grocery store, etc..


If I hit you, you could call the police, file charges and have me arrested. And yet, we can hit our own children without recourse. It's wrong.


I just can't believe you knuckleheaded do gooder's. You have obviously no experience with stubborn children or out of control teenagers. I'm not talking about child abuse hitting very young children is wrong because they simply do not understand. But when you have a four or five year old and say "don't touch that" and they look right at you and do it anyway. There is nothing better than a swat side the head or a good licking for negative reinforcement to teach a kid to mind. When you have a teenager who starting to steal and smoke and starting to think they can just do what they please. A good old fashioned round with the belt is definately in order. When I grew up I got the belt, the boot, the switch, the slap, the spank, and probably most other punshiments but because of it I'm not out commiting crimes and I'm not in jail.
You do gooders are part of the problem that kids are running rampant, you let them play grand theft auto on the playstation, and feed them deficit disorder pills, and let them listen to that rap crap music, and now we have a generation of kids that take guns to school and smoke crack and kill thier parents. By the way I live in Florida and DCF is all up in parents faces over spanking and corporal punishment but they are starting to find out that all thier work is causing more problems than its solving.

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