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Monday, January 01, 2007



I wanted to know how many deaths were from alcohol poisoning each year in Washington State. I have found instances, partical information etc, but no concrete facts on how many deaths per year directly related to alcohol poisoning. I am an investigatior (criminal defense) but am also very invested in the matter and problems surrounding young people today concerning the challanges they deal with daily not the least being choices over chemicals (alcohol is one of the deadliest, don't kid yourself). We need to be better informed and stop trying to communicate with our kids and give facts and consequences.

D. Conroy

What about our young kids in the Military. If you add them, the ones we know about to this list... We need to know these numbers. Maybe if we stop hiding the facts we will be able to save lives!

Kim lowe

My children lost their father at age 36 to alcohol poisoning and heat.

Kre'Azmine Johnson

RIP to all the peps i know what some of you are going thru
my friend just died from alcohol addiction by hanging out with the wrong group of people but what is unfair they are still living and she is not shes lieing in the grave right now
i get so mad because they just watched her die she didnt have to be there

they ran into a tree going around this curve going fast and the impact killed her right then and there
RIP michelle youll always be remembered
yo bestfriend / Sister I love u

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