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Monday, January 08, 2007



Hey liz - how are you today? officially de-lurking lady :) I am so glad you delurked on my site. I got your one button from Papernapkin but had no link to you for it. now I do .....yayayayayayayayaya (Im so anal about stuff like that - credit where credit is due) Anyway lady have a great day!!!! (((hugs)))


yay i was first de-lurker and i added you to my blogroll liz :) ciao for now hun!

Miss Dennis

Hi Liz, This is Miss Dennis Delurker from Your Mama's Mad Tedious. Keep up the great site!!!!!

Joel Sax

I promise to comment on your blog.

I am trying to figure out what happened to all my comments. Last year, I was averaging seven to ten a day and these days I am lucky to get one. (And that one is sometimes my stalker.)

I don't know if National Delurking Week will help, but I am downloading the graphics and using them on my blog.

Hope to see you there!


Hey Liz! I'm coming out this week!!!!! Thanks for the graphics!


Loved the delurking graphics! I'm coming out baby!


So much woo to deal with... So little time to comment...


Hi Liz. Not much time for comments these days, so I just lurk and lurk ... thanks for pulling me out and about again!


Delurking, as requested.


Hiiiiiiiiiiiii! :)


OK, I'll comment ... just this once ...


I enjoy your blog. Read it (usually) a few times a week. Found it b/c you wrote about the paradox of being gifted and ld. My oldest has dysgraphia and is taking honors classes.
O.K. so I've delurked myself.
Blessings for you in 007. And keep up this blog b/c you are helping other to understand.


Just saying hi. I read a lot -- don't comment often. Always interesting here.


Hi - just dropping in to save myself a button, and I can hardly do that without commenting, can I?!


Since I'm here, I guess I should leave a comment.


yeah, color me delurked.


Not delurking... just a hello and funny that we both picked the same delurking logo, only I was a wee bit late on it. Like the last day late. Par for the course for me!

Liz Ditz

See the introduction to all these nice people at You Wrote!

Lee Colleton

Some things are better left unsaid.


see abcba20d56 here

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