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Sunday, January 14, 2007



Thanks for the link to: "Paper Napkin: Hello Out There".

The Zero Boss

I'm late! What did I miss?!


Kevin H.

Thanks for the idea and the banner (I stole the doggie one) for my blog. I intend to comment on at least six blogs this week. And now I am down to five!
Take care


I haven't referenced you yet, but I am planning to in this afternoon's post. Thanks for the pics!

David Truss

Thanks for the button! Liz, I have lurked here on a number of occasions since I started blogging. Thank you so much for contributing to my learning:-)

David Truss

Me again Liz,
Sorry the links didn't work in my comments???
Your page is linked at the top of my lurking post, and I added your link in a comment response to your question about Julie Amero.

Our district tracks links to 'bad' sites (I think it is easy for them to locate which computers/users, at what time, and for how long), and the Computer Teacher at our school has students go to a site they pretend is bad, then they practice closing the page quickly.

I don't know much about the Julie Amero case other than reading one news article. I would like to think it was a mistake, but it sounds doubtful. Will teachers and students make mistakes and go to porn/hate/abusive sites, yes of course. Should we tolerate this happening intentionally be either teachers or students, no of course not!

Liz Ditz

See introductions to all these nice people at You Wrote!

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