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Sunday, February 18, 2007



Hi Liz,

Thanks for the tip on this. For the next 48 hours I will contribute $1 in excess of the contribution I've already made to her defense fund for everyone who contributes and leaves a comment on my post here.

I also left an appeal on Robert Scoble's blog to bring this out on the A list again (It's been blogged but I don't think anyone really believes this is happening and that she faces the very real possibility of long-term imprisonment)


I've posted about this on my blog. I have no money, but I can do that much.

Liz Ditz

Mamacita's blog. She wrote a heartfelt plea:

Please Help; This Could Happen To Any Of Us, And Has

Dear God in Heaven, when will it all end? When a loving and competent teacher, or a sub like Julie, is accused of unspeakable things because other people misused a computer, when administration sees only the result and doesn't really care about the cause, what are we coming to?

I can tell you the answer to that. The end.

We are coming to the end.

I am too upset to write. For now, I'm just going to sit here and pray.

For Julie, and all the other teachers I know who have been persecuted for things that were not their fault, and for the children who suffer in the long run because so many administrators are "too busy" or "too old" or "whatever" to study in-depth what someone can do with a computer, and who would rather just blame the teacher than learn.

Thank you, Mamacita

Liz Ditz

Julie Amero just sent me a thank-you note for my contribution. Wouldn't you like to get one, too?


I received a thank-you note, too. I've also decided to open things up a bit more -- any comment and/or trackback on my post above will mean another $1 to her defense fund from me, as long as it's posted in the next 48 hours. No contributions from commenters are necessary, but they are of course hoped for.

Reg Adkins

I must be missing something here. I have been "hijacked" several times.
1. a.You shut down immediately.
b. If you can't shut down (ie loop) you unplug.
2.You report the incident to you media services (or supervisor).
3. Are there any details that indicate she did, or did not, take these steps?

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