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Sunday, February 25, 2007



Man, that "theocracy" entry is particularly pungeant, wouldn't you say? How is it possible for people to be so deluded!


Is Schlafly any relation to Phyllis? If so, is this a product of a eugenics program?

Joel Sax

Just looked it up:


Still remember fondly the time when she got on a television news program against ERA complaining about the extension for ratification. The interviewer told her that there were other amendments for which an extension was granted. She said they shouldn't be enforced.

So, if Phyl had her way, we'd still have slavery....


Yes, most of the articles that are longer than 2-3 sentences were inserted by trolls and spoofers. One thing that's particularly interesting is that in many cases, the admins edited out the more obvious vandalism and jokes, but kept the original spoofed entry. The Judical Activism page is an excellent example of this.

As for the Pacific Northwest Arboreal Octopus, that was added by your humble servant, me. Frankly , the site was in dire need of some science and zoology pages of better quality than the one or two sentence descriptions copied out of a creationist homeschooling textbook.



On this post I have the famous "Jesus on a Dinosaur" image

Over at the Jewish Atheist, there's a comment from a kid who claims to be one of the Conservapedia contributors..

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