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Saturday, February 17, 2007



Bubby was my great nephew on the other side,bubby was a good kid who had never drank, peer pressure is taking ahold of these young kids. I would like to say that Bubby heart went to a boy in chicago and his lungs to some one indy.Thanks to organ donation..Please keep the family of Robert in your prayers Bubby was laid to rest today. Thank you Becki


An affidavit states Patton’s aunt, Roberta Pine, bought the vodka, while the boy’s mother, Ramona Layman, gave him permission to drink it.

Layman, 43, had her bail reduced from $10,000 cash to $5,000 with 10 percent allowed during a bail-reduction hearing Thursday in Vigo County Superior Court Division 3. She is charged with neglect of a dependent, a class-D felony.

Layman does not have a criminal history, according to testimony heard in court Thursday.

Pine, whose criminal record includes convictions for criminal conversion, possession of marijuana, battery, possession of a controlled substance and carrying a handgun without a license, among other violations, is charged with neglect of a dependent resulting in death, a class-B felony.

Pine’s bail was reduced from $25,000 cash to $2,500.

The sisters were living together in the house in the 2200 block of First Avenue where the drinking occurred. Layman told authorities she had gone to work around 6:30 p.m. Feb. 13, leaving her children — Patton and his 17-year-old sister — with Pine.

According to court documents, Layman told the 17-year-old she could drink alcohol to celebrate her birthday, but only inside the house. Layman told police she told her daughter no one should leave the home. Layman also told police she did not know how her daughter was getting the alcohol.

The court documents also show that a number of juveniles were drinking with Patton and his sister before someone noticed the boy was unconscious and bleeding from the nose.

Pine told authorities that she had been in her room all night until someone came to tell her something was wrong with Robert.

During the hearing, Pine and Layman testified individually.

Both promised to comply with conditions of the court upon posting bail.

Prosecutor Terry Modesitt recommended to the court that Layman’s 17-year-old daughter not be left in the home with Layman or Pine.

Judge David Bolk ordered the women to comply “with whatever recommendations the Office of Family and Child Services has.”

The prosecution said the office had not made any recommendations yet.

Court documents state: The juveniles gave Pine money to buy alcohol; she bought a half gallon bottle of vodka for them. Four juveniles drank the vodka for several hours at Patton’s home in the 2200 block of First Avenue the night of Feb. 13. The juveniles, from various Vigo County schools, reported that they thought Patton had gone to sleep until one juvenile noticed Patton’s nose was bleeding. Pine, 41, told police she had been in her bedroom all night and didn’t know the juveniles had been drinking. When the juveniles notified Pine, she went downstairs and found Patton unconscious on the living-room floor. Pine said she called Layman at work. Upon Layman’s arrival, Layman called 911, court documents stated.

Police were notified and arrived at 1:30 a.m. to find Patton unconscious. An officer at the scene said Layman told him she gave the juveniles permission to drink alcohol, but they had to stay inside the house, according to court documents.

Patton was taken to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, where he died. He was an eighth-grader in Chauncey Rose Middle School.

Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt said he charged the women because of a number of factors.

“If you look at the statute, the information that we have, [Pine] actually purchased the alcohol. She was the one present during the intoxication and the incident,” he said.

Modesitt said the juveniles are being investigated to determine if a crime was committed, but doesn’t expect any felony charges.

“I didn’t see anything there that would constitute a felony as far as the kids go,” he said.

Pine and Layman turned themselves in on Tuesday after charges were filed.

Kaneesha Booker

i love this dued. he was the best boyfriend ever, and he was a great kisser and he daced great to. i rember at the snowball i have pictures. man it is so hard not to look at them and not cry. i know still dont know where he is barred like his stone is, but i wnt to know. i know work with his sister and it is good i can still here his voice in the wind.robert bubby lamonn patton i love you and miss you

Taylor Patto

Robert Patton Is My Uncle I Wish I Was Thier

Kaneesha Marice Booker

hey boy i seen ur gravestone yesterday ommm well it has been a year and almost 2 moths seen that. i try to not think about it but it is so hard i MISS U :( :( :( :( :( i c u @ nihgt in my dreams i just want 2 let u know that u r always in my heart. it is like u never lefet me. i well be up ther befor u know it just keep watting for me I LOVE U !!!!!!!

kadie frase

im sorry


taylor Patton

i wish i was hier to be with my uncle

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